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I have heard voices for 6 years now

I have heard voices for 6 years now since before I went to detox for alcoholism. They keep telling me I have a chip in my head and it's my family telling me that raped someone and they are just reading my thoughts to prosecute me in court. They have convinced me on multiple occasions that this is real. It's always my family's voices or 1 unknown voice that comes through and I conversation with it a lot even blocking out what other people around me are saying. I was on dispersal for 4 years and it seemed to work but it stopped recently and my physiatrist put me on invest 2 weeks ago but the voices won't go away. They are driving me nuts. The voices get louder or quieter day to day and I have a feeling the government is currupting me
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I also can't seem to stay sober for more than 8 months because of the voices... they are pure evil and I cannot continue on much longer. I was on risperadal 3 weeks ago I got put on invega.
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The craziest thing happened about 3 months ago I was watch wolf of Wall Street and the where literally talking to me for over 20 mins. Sorry it's been a long road and I'm just trying to explain things that have happened.... please help me.
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The voices of my family really bother me because it has put lots of stress on our relationship. I'm to the point I rarly want to see them because of all the negative and hurtful things that they say to me in my head on a daily basis. Please help!
You say you're being treated by a physician.  Do you mean a psychiatrist, I hope?  A regular doc knows very little about this kind of thing, it's not something most docs are trained in.  It's clear your self-medication with alcohol ain't helping much, as would be expected, and getting addicted to alcohol means every time you quit you're going through withdrawal which can be very similar to the mental illness you have.  Not a great idea.  You need to see a psychiatrist ASAP.
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Have you been in contact with your therapist in the last few days? I suggest you call your psychiatrist and make sure they understand that you need immediate assistance, that the voices are becoming overwhelming. I can definitely sympathize—there's nothing easy about it—but only she can work with you to keep you safe in the short term, and get you on effective medication for the long term.

I hope you feel a lot better as soon as possible.
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