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I know I need help.....

hi. This has took me two weeks to post this the thought of the privacy an people not knowin who I am helped to motivate me to write. My story is I'm suffering all kinds of emotions an although I should be used to it. This time I'm feelin lost an findin it hard to deal wi life. I'm 47 next week an I don't no who I am any more what I want an finding it hard to make decisions anymore to the point I'm makin a fool of myself and hurting myself. I need to find a blog to be able to write how I feel. Things become a little clearer wi me when I read back to myself. My story is so long i lose motivation to write it cos I get so overwhelmed wi negative thoughts. I've become anti social an isolated I find it hard to talk to people or even want to anymore. But I know I need human communication cos I'm losing my way fast.....
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:( inbox me if you like. I can be some form of communication
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Hi Munchies,
Its Thursday morning and its sunny in Philadelphia. That was not the case for the last 6 months, and I was miserable. At least today, its nice out.

I know how you feel. I am now 56. A lot of woman I know have gone thru transition at 47. I know what I went thru was unbelievable and still effects me til this day. I will tell you about it sometime so you won't feel so bad. lol.

I am here today. My add prevents me from finding this website tomorrow.

I have a kid with down syndrome that takes the focus of my self.
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Somehow I have missed the point where you actually sign up for this chat and I see that these dates are not recent,does this group still interact?If so pls tell me how to sign in and receive comments,coz I know this is just what I need.Tho I like my counselor,it just isn't working :( ,thanks,Ruenie
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