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I need help or even answers

I have been to the doctors and hospital multiple times these last 4weeks and still no answers I wanna believe that it’s anxiety

Every time I get up I feel dizzy and get the shakes I also vomit
My head is pounding all the time
I wake up feeling more tired
I also can’t wait for bed at times all I wanna do is just sleep
I miss being a mum to my children
This feeling is taking over my life and stopping me from
The things I used to do over 4 weeks ago
I wake up with shakes and a spinning head and heart burn during the night and my brain over thinks
I don’t have worries in my life atm so I dunno what is causing these so called anxiety attacks or sleeping disorders
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If you have been to the hospital and your doctor, you should have had a very thorough work-up. Were you labs normal? Are you well hydrated? Have any of your doctors recommended you visit with a therapist? I don't know your thoughts on trying medication, but if this is anxiety and depression, it is very treatable. SSRIs can be very helpful. It also sounds like you could have some depression as you are not enjoying your normal activities and are fatigued. I would first consider the medical and make sure you are in the clear there. Your doctor can recommend some short term sleep aids. However, I would make sure you are practicing good sleep hygiene, and engaging in self care. As tired as you are, try taking a walk and getting some fresh air. I think it is imperative that you focus on the things you do have control over. Most of all, please remember this is a season in your life. It is not forever. It is easy to spiral down into negative thinking and become more overwhelmed. Again, I would be interested to know if your bloodwork was normal. Hang in there Mama!
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I'm not a doctor, but have been researching about adrenal fatigue and nervous exhaustion in the last week since I get tired easily, too. Your symptoms sound almost exactly like a story of a woman I listened to yesterday who had nervous exhaustion. If you have a very busy lifestyle and go to bed really late, don't have a healthy diet (have deficiencies), your adrenals and nervous system can get stressed and not be able to help your body functions stay balanced.  Stress plays a huge part in that, too, but you said you don't have a lot of worries.

Maybe it would help you to look up what nervous exhaustion and adrenal fatigue are and see if you match the symptoms with your lifestyle. Then you can start to eliminate some of the causes and see if it changes anything. Sometimes doctors are just guessing, too, and we just have to experiment with some changes in what we eat and lifestyle to see if anything changes. There really isn't a quick fix to getting health back, but it can be simple by just trying to eat better and not be too overextended.

You might (if you don't have them already) ask for your blood test results and see what deficiencies you might have. I know that magnesium and B vitamin deficiencies can cause some of the feelings you have.

Also, there are a couple other possiblities, but don't let all of them overwhelm you. Just try one or a few things at a time to see if things get better. I was wondering if you have gas in your home, if you possibly have a CO2 leak? That can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea. If this is possible, this would be the number 1 thing to fix!

The other possiblity I am thinking of is if you recently started using and being exposed to a new chemical product that you have not used in the past, but could be causing a toxic reaction in you since using it. If you start to research chemicals in ordinary household products, you will be astounded at how toxic many products are and how they can affect your body. There are many safer natural products that can replace a large percentage of what most people use to clean and deororize their homes (and bodies).

I hope this helps you out! I know---it's really a hard puzzle to put together.  Just take one thing at a time, and give it time before giving up!
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Whoops! I mean CO leak-- carbon monoxide!
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If you weren't having depressed thoughts or anxious thoughts before this happened, it's not likely to be anxiety or depression.  Those are diseases when they are chronic and are characterized by thoughts.  Symptoms are varied, but what you're reporting doesn't sound like a mental problem at least as you've described it to me.  If your docs aren't giving you appropriate care, find a different doc.  Find a different specialist.  Antidepressants won't fix it if it's a physiological ailment.  There are sleep disorders out there -- apnea, mediation side effects, for example.  Keep looking and best of luck.
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And if there's more to this -- if you were suffering severe anxiety or depression before this -- that's important to know.  I've had a lot of anxiety attacks and I've seen a ton of them described, but they don't sound like what you're going through.
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I am so sorry to hear this and can relate.  Moms throw themselves into motherhood and it becomes such a huge part of our life that when our kids leave the nest, it's really natural to have depression and anxiety!  I know many moms that this has happened to.  I'm trying to be proactive as my kids get older to find other ways to feel fulfilled and happy.  :>)  Hugs to you as you go through this transition even if it wasn't recent.

Sleep issues are common with depression and anxiety.  Have you spoken to your general practitioner about this or even your ob/gyn?  Depending on your age, hormones can also play a huge part.  I have cyclic anxiety completely related to hormonal changes I'm going through.  According to my doctor, this is very common for women my age.  My sleep is greatly disturbed at a few days ever month.  Can't quiet my mind, can't sleep.  

So, I think your next step is your GP or your ob/gyn to discuss how you are feeling. They can rule out anything else going on, check your hormone levels and guide you for your next step if it is determined you have anxiety or depression.  Again, hugs to you!
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And by the way, things like this can trigger anxiety and depression.  Situational episodes can begin the episode and are just as relevant as chronic anxiety or depression that one has always suffered.  All people get anxious and depressed (usually more like the blues) but whenever it dips over to impacting your life on a regular basis in a negative way, it becomes a disorder.  Talk to your doctor as you CAN feel better and hopefully will really soon!
Well, I see you have been to doctors and hospitals too.  First sentence, not sure how I missed that.  Truthfully, I don't think the hospital is the best place to go for this unless you are  a danger to yourself or others.  Your general doctor that knows you is a great place to start because . . . they know you!  That is often the gatekeeper and I know a requirement for my own insurance to send me to someone else down the road like a psychiatrist.  But general practitioners these days do a nice job of working with patients.  And a therapist may also help you to being sharing these feelings in a productive way and to sort them out.  Anyway, I sent you a friend request and will be thinking about you.
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