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I think I depress sometimes sudical ?

Hi I'm 17 I known I should not be one MedHelp but its very improtan I think I either under stress or other when things don't go mine way sometimes, but that natural I meant by when someone tell me no I usually break down in tears in which is unusual  for most people around mine age also I think I am worring too much of mine family debtalso I am worring about if my father would ever get a job or not.Also that I used to be tell yes, or good job when I did something wright also I have an very will kinda a bossy sis I mean attitude like wise and yet I realized maybe I am just worring too much of the time? Also includes mine last problems uhmm..sometimes I feel like I want to hurt my self and sometimes when I sad in which is wright now I usuall feel a slow movement  in mine chest sometimes and get this when I happy its normal an when I sad sometimes it slow down?  
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Hi it's a really brave thing you are doing by reaching out for help you are so young and are going through body changes that some times you can't understand pls do not think that you are not normal as emotional illness can affect any one any age pls I ask for to concentrate on the positive sides you have to offer in life and make small changes to your mental state rAther than trying to eliminate it all at once as this will feed your negative thoughts as it overcome you state of mind take care stay in touch
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Three skills must be learnt to overcome anxiety:

Firstly, a method of releasing or handling the subconscious "hurt memories" which have been stored.
Secondly, developing self-confidence to deal with the actual situation which triggers the anxiety.
Thirdly, developing new responses to express the emotions that are felt when the situation recurs.

Overcoming anxiety is dealt with by teaching and practising:

- The conscious ability to relax and release stress any time, anywhere.
- The ability to focus the mind.
- The ability to neutralise and reprogram subconscious "fear memories".
- The ability to develop mind/body exercises to overcome anxiety.
- The ability to develop greater self confidence to experience the situation which is creating fear.
- The ability to program new responses to express emotions in that situation.

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Dear, Goodbipolar
you seem to just write out whenever you want to I am now crying over the things that mine sister said also that I am not trying to make someone life changes I think I am either helping them out more often then usual. Also now mine little sister just say
"You always ruining things!" in an very nasty bossy attitude
"Noo..?" I said
"Yes! you ALWAYS have been!!"
Then I melted down-wards after that, if you understood the issues of mine family and how we commuinated ((Sorry for miss Spell)).Then you shouldn't have said that. My mind now
(You don't understand, they don't understand that they are the ones whom cause these issues around me) and if you can see the emotions in mine text's then you have the same gift as me. I am trying to understand mine friends and family and try to solve them until it's too late, I repeatedly trying to understand what I did wrong in my life. I am trying to be friends with the same sister that I have been known to be around since mine earily 2yr old child hood. I have try to helps others and make them happy as well, if they want to at least! Also be ensure that ya, I'm 17 and mine body have been changing in and out but I am also NOW a very, very mature teen I have try to reach out and ask for help before I have talk with others before, but now I can't seem to let it for some reasoning but mostly I think that I am just finding mine voice. But I am still sheltering myself  around the people whom loved me at the most, mine BRAIN is ringing out of control of stress and Despression at the same time .
And if you have been with a spoilded little RAT! like her... Please messages me okay.
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I have try those things before I have try to over come anxity before its anit easty.... I am still in the middle of Depression.
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