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I want to come off Zyprexa

I was told i had a psychotic episode over 18 months ago, when i went to a family planning center and spoke with a nurse,  because i was having alot of social problems and felt depressed.the nurse wrote things about me that were completely untrue, she said i was having delusions when i wasn't said i was homeless when i wasn't and wrote a lot of other things also that were incorrect. I was placed in a mental institution for a week and the only treatment that i have recibved in the last 18mths has been to get a presciption form a doctor for my medication for zyprexa i was put on 10mg daily dose.

I want to now get off this medication as i do not have any symptoms of schizophrenia or paraniod thoughts,
i also am not longer depressed or anxious and have been like this for quite some months now, what can i do to now come off my medication and be told that i am fine?  I do not feel that i have been treated properly by my doctors either, and i would realy like some advise on this and also would like it if anyone could refer me to somewhere or an organization that i can contact in regards to this.
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you need to find a dr that you trust and go to them.  i was on zyprexa for a while for bipolar.  i didnt like it due to the side effects.  my family dr handles all my bipolar meds but you might try a psych just so you can get off the medication.  alot of drs will not take you off without you going to a psych to get their professional opinion.  in any case good luck.
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I was put on this medwhen I wasn't any of the things they said about me as well. I was also put in a mental facility for 2 weeks. I got off of this medication very slowly. By this I mean that from 10mg I reduced myself to 10mg every other day for a month then reduced myself to 5 mg everyday for month then to 5 mg every other day formonth then tho 2.5 mg every other day for month and so on. I got a pill cutter to cut my pills down. I asked my doctor to give me a lower dosage without letting her know that I was cutting myself down with the intentin of getting myself of because she said I was supposed to stay on this the rest of my life. I told her that the 10 mg wfelt too strong for me so she agreed to give me 5mg which helped me cut them down. Then I asked for a lower dosagr and she said that 2,5 was the lowest she would go. That was o.k. with me because I knew I could Keep cutting them down. Now something you should know that I found out in the process. Cutting down on this will cause you to have anxiety attacks. I found that brisk walks up the hill or whatever raises your heart rate, like walking on a treadmill for 30 to 45 min at a brisk pace gets rid of the anxiety attacks. Also, I supplemented with SAMe, Gaba, 5htp and folic acid to help during the times of complete stress. I also drank a glass of red wine to help calm me down during the anxiety attacks. One thing alone will not help enough. You must try all of these measures. It has taken me several months but I am past the worst of it. I hope this helps and blessings to you. P.s. I prayed a lot and read the bible every night. Believe it or not this helped so tremendously. Many blessings to you and I hope this helps. This has not been the easiest of endeavors. Oh, before I forget, I did take one 5 mg of Zyprexa after 2 mo's of not taking it but that was it.
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