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I'm sad, and need someone to talk to..

Have been upset for a while, someone please talk to me..
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You can send messages to people on here and there are very helpful,good people that care and will understand what you are going through.You're the same age as witheredrose.Talk to her and tell her whats on your mind--all the best.
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I honestly have no idea how to use this sight....

But i've spoken to some friends and i'm feeling better today which is good, thankyou all, your beautiful
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I saw you posted you want to talked but now you're silend? Can we help you? We're here for you....
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Hello my dear girl, please talk to us.  That is what we are here for - to support each other.  We all have experience of depression, so we all understand how you feel.

Tell us anything you want, and we will do all we can to make you feel less alone.

The people on this site are kind, supportive people.  They have helped me so much, and witheredrose above will tell you the same.  She has found a lot of support here, and she supports others like you.

We will talk to you, of course we will.  We are your friends.
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Hi there!!
You have come to a great place! Im sorry your so upset, are you comfortable with sharing what is making you upset?
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