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Increased does Lexapro

I started 5 mg around 9 Feb, upped to 10 mg around 20 feb, up to 15 mg 11 March and 20 mg 6 April (10 days ago).  I have seen improvement in depression but still have anxiety episodes. I also don't feel "normal" yet - so I have improvement but only say 50%. Should I continue a bit longer with the 20 mg. Doc added low dose 10 mg nortriptylene which I started last night and slept better.

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Some antidepressants are better than others at helping with anxiety, and each person is different. I know Zoloft can help with anxiety, but when I took it several years ago, it did nothing for that for me. I currently take Prozac, which isn't typically one of the chosen options for people with anxiety, but it has been working well in this regard. I'd see how this new medication affects things, and if, in a few weeks, you're not seeing as much improvement, you could talk to your doctor about maybe trying a different medication altogether.  Good luck!
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