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Insurance question

I have a young (22) man living with me.  I know the signs of depression because I am on meds for depression.  He is exhibiting signs of depression and knows that he should see someone.  He says that he does not want to see anyone because he is afraid that the company he works for will find out from the insurance company that he is seeking help with this serious matter.  We live in Michigan.  Do you know what the laws are concerning the insurance companies?
Thank You, Diane
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I am not sure but I believe it is against the law for the insurance company to reveal this personal info.
Tell him to seek help. He does not have to suffer with this.I am bi polar and nobody knows here at work except for my boss.Never had a problem with the insurance. let me know how it goes for him.My prayers are with him.
Love Venora
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I think it is too.  But I am hoping that someone can tell me for sure.  
You say your boss knows.  Did you tell him?
Thank you, prayers are welcomed.  His name is Brad.
Thanks, Diane
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yes I am a jet engine mechanic and I told him because I felt he should know. He has been great about the few times that I have told him I wasnt mentally focused to build jet engines.I am very fortunate to have a supervisor like him. the past 7 years I have been pretty stable cause I never  go without my meds.
Brad is in my prayers
Love Venora
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the insurance company cannot disclose anything to the employer.  if the employer were to call around to facilities and asked for "john smith" patient (employee), the facility cannot disclose that the patient is being treated there.  the only parties that share info is the treating doctor/facility and the insurance company.  

there are lots of privacy laws w/ healthcare...he should feel safe in knowing that the employer will not find out why/when/how/where he gets medical care unless HE discloses that to them.

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Thank you very much, Diane
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