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Intermittent symptoms

Is depression easy to know if you have it or not? I did something bad and feel guilty. I am stressing of getting caught and just basically worry about the consequences. Can depression stem from this after it takes it toll? Also if it can, does depression cause fatigue, weakness in body, mild fevers, and loss of appetite. All these are intermittent by the way. Some days I feel fine. Anyone have any insight on this?

Please help!
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True depression is a chemical imbalance within the brain.  Now if you did something wrong and feel guilty then that is called a guilty conscience.  A conscience is a good thing because it usually prevents us from doing bad things.  If we decide anyways to do it our conscience will make us feel awful about what we have done.  The reason it is intermittent is because you are not always focused on the awful action you did.  However when the memory resurfaces the heavy weigh of depression will come back  Time will go by and the intensity should simmer down, but sometimes it does not.  Especially if we a in constant fear that we may get caught.

Talking to a psychologist honestly may be very beneficial for you.  It is stictly confidential and you WILL feel better.  However everytime we experience a traumatic evet even if self created we are left with emotional scars.  The longer you wait to heal your wound the bigger the scar.

It is for this reason that an ant-depressant in my opinion will do no good for you.

If it is at all possible find a way to right the wrong.  A psychologist will help you with this.  If you are not ready for that, then ask yourself if you have learned anything from this misadventure.  Our darkest moments can be the best chance to make changes for the better within ourselves.  We are human and tend to have many faults, you are not alone.  

Forgiveness, Honesty, Repentance are your friends

Guilt will punish you more than any person could.  Depression is a self created prison built by your own passed error and only YOU hold the key.

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That doesn't sound, from your circumstances or some of the symptoms, to be depression. Perhaps you need to see your regular doctor.
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If what you are describing is based off of this particular experience and has not been a constant source of trouble for you for a long while, it sounds like situational depression. That is not the same as clinical depression. I have never hear of fevers being related to depression, though. Try to address your feelings and the cause of the guilt in order to help the situation.
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Hey jjswartz,

I gotta hand it to you. What you said made a lot of sense and I also want to say thank you so much to go into such great detail in giving me an answer. Not to say any of the other answers weren't great either. Thank you to everyone for replying. Made me feel a lot better.

Since you seem to be knowledgeable in the area I would like to re-post my original questions with a little more detail to see if there is any other things you can add to what you already said. If not, thank you anyway. You have been a great help and one of the better replies I have received on this forum. Here it goes:

I have been having intermittent symptoms for the last 8 weeks. These symptoms consist of fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, and sometimes mild fever. The fever is questionable as I have been taking it by ear and mouth. Ear temp sometimes reaches temperatures of 99.6 but rarely and on the same occasion right after taking the ear temperature I will take it orally and the temp will be 97 something. So basically, by oral temp, I never have a fever. Only through the ear thermometer do I show a mild fever and even then, its only sometimes. Anyway, getting back to the other symptoms, I feel fatigued, weak, no energy, and a loss of appetite intermittently and some days I feel fine and normal. Is depression intermittent like this? Or is it more constant? Is it hard to tell if you have depression or not? I'm having trouble figuring this out because the only reason I feel like I'm depressed is because of these symptoms feel like they are bringing me down into depression not because I am depressed to begin with and then get the symptoms. Does that make sense? But I could be wrong. Can anyone explain this to me?

I would also like to add that I feel extremely guilty for something I did (infidelity) and was stressing about it for a while when these symptoms began about 2 months ago. Can depression stem from guilt, anxiety, and stress? Any help is much appreciated. I feel horrible for what I did and have learned very much from this whole situation. I am just trying to get back on track and move forward. I really wish I could forget what I did and feel normal again. Please help. Thanks for reading.
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Stress and anxiety can certainly trigger depression, guilt and fear of getting caught will cause this. Feeling like a bad person can grow legs if you know what I mean, you can end up believing you are one, which is very unhealthy. Infidelity, violence, meanness, theft etc are not necessarily indicative that a person is bad, this kind of thing can happen to good people- guilt is generally a good sign if you do something wrong, even if it is a horrible feeling. If you have changed your lifestyle ie you have reduced activity through a loss of motivation then fatigue, weakness etc could be entirely relative. Getting checked out by a professional is your best bet, even if it is your Doctor to begin with.
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i guess my last question is, can this be an STD as well? thats another thing i have been stressing about more than anything and the repercussions of if it is an STD or not.
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