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Is it depression??

Hey, I have had some weird headaches there not like normal ones they are more annoying than painful its 85%annoying and 15%pain and its not around my whole head its just in one or two place at a time. Since its summer i haven't had any social contact with my friends.So it all started like month ago I got this one headache and felt lightheaded i thought it was dehydration so i went and sat down i had this head for like two days. the next week for the 4th of july i went on vacations out of town,i dint feel any pains or headaches or anything i was having a  great time with my family(no friends btw). When i came back like 5 days later on Monday of the next week i felt fine and then on thursday i was messing around chasing my dogs around. 3 days later (sunday) it gave me a pain in my lower abdomen and on my groin so that whole week i was worried so i  googled all my symptoms which made me think of the worst, that week on saturday i went to the ER where they did a CT scan everything came out fine and the doctor told me it was just groin pull i just had to rest it out. The next day i felt fine.and then i started to think what if theres something wrong with my body and the doctor is lying to me. I dont know im weird like that and start thinking of the worst for the last week i have been getting those freaking headaches again and its only when i think about it or when i am not entertained (or when i am bored).  i have been using google and i just dont know it could be allot of thing and i dont want to go to the doctors again and i think it could be depression as i really havent talked to my freinds allot in the passed 2 months and somtimes all i can think about is when i get back to school me and my friends are gonna do this and that? I have also had a little kind of insomnia as i could not sleep and since My love life isnt going great i had this thoughts of the girl i like i couldnt sleep so i had an all nighter. now everyday i stay up all night and sleep during the day about at 3:00 pm i go to sleep.My days consist of being on the computer all day either watching movies or being on FB and even google-ing my symptoms, watching Tv and playing on my iphone.what do you guys think it could be Depression? and how can i fix depression? next week i am going to meet up with most my friends for this thing at school so i am going to be social with them. please help me figure this thing out and give me advice thanks.

PS:  i dont have suicide thoughts at all (yet)lol
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Hello and welcome!

In my unofficial opinion, it sounds more like anxiety (or OCD) to me than depression,  You're hyper-focused on things, "what iffing", and finding yourself searching the internet a lot as a result of those "what if" thoughts.  You could also be contending with depression as well.  It's not uncommon for a person to have BOTH anxiety and depression. Those are just some ideas.

It's important that you're thoroughly evaluated, both by your PCP, to check on the headaches and other symptoms, and also by a mental health practitioner, to get an accurate diagnosis so an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated.  Don't play the guessing game or try to diagnose yourself with the help of Dr. Google.  :0)  There are many very similar mental illnesses, which is why it's important to get an accurate diagnosis, as the treatments may vary a bit.

Let us know how you're doing and what the doc says.
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hello,i am working in a marketing company and my job contains too much stress and workload,

because of this stress ,now i feel so depressed and negativity comes in my views ,to overcome

this, i am currently following treatment tips from a website, but it does not show any positive

response, please anybody tell me whether these tips are useable or not? reply with any idea..to

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