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Is it depression?


My name is Lance and I am having a very hard time listening to the doctors and thearpist regarding my health.  A little background:
Over the last 6 months, I had a bunch of very stressful events occur such as our house flooding and taking 3 months to fix, my wife having medical issues, my dog being put to sleep, starting a new job, wife got in a minor auto accident.  My dog being put to sleep was the last event that occured before I started having all of these physical symptoms.  On Monday March 19th, it started by me loosing my appeitite completely and becomming very exhausted with no energy.  As of today, I still dont have it back (4/9/07).  At the worst point two Saturdays ago, I slept half the day.  A few days the following week, I had a harder time than normal wanting to get up and one day didn't get dressed. I am not sitting at home crying all the time and therefore have problems thinking I have depression.   The main issue I struggle with:  Did I do these things because I am depressed or because something is physically wrong with me.  I went to the ER 4 times to be checked out.  The first time I got a CAT scan of my brain and was sent home since the reults were good.  The 2nd time, I had a complete blood count done along with liver, kindey, and thyroid.  All these test came back ok and I was sent home. Now, my stomach is sour and upset.  I feel like throwing up on occasion.

I keep obsessing about my physical symptoms thinking something is wrong with me.  The doctors keep telling me that I am ok and that the depression, anxiety, obsession over symptoms, and worrying are causing my body to have symptoms.  

My wife doesn't fully understand what I am going through.  I needed her very bad this week.  She elected to help her brother move out of state instead and left for the week.  I had a very hard time with her going as I already was having a hard time dealing with all of this and now felt that my wife didn't care enough to stay.  I felt affraid and alone.

Help me,

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Hi Lance,

Your situation sounds similar to mine.  I too had a couple of rough months and then I started feeling very sick to my stomach.  I started worrying about being sick and that made it even worse.  I lost 20 pounds in a couple of weeks and was nauseous and vomiting everyday.  Went to a pyschiatrist and started treatment for anxiety.  We thought that is what it was, I didn't think I was depressed either.  Have finally figured out that all the sickness was caused by depression and then the anxiety came once I started worrying about being sick.  I too went to the ER several times only to be told there was nothing wrong.  Had many tests on my stomach and nothing wrong.  I am now taking zoloft and xanax.  The zoloft is finally starting to help with the depression and I am starting to feel much better, still having a little bit of nausea but can tell it is related to my moods.  I am still tired some but that is getting better.  It sounds to me like you do have depression, my doc told me I didn't realize it until it started manifesting itself in physical symptoms.  Go see someone and start getting treatment, you will feel much better.  It is hard for spouses or anyone who has never been through this to understand, I have had the same problem with my family.  Hang in there and know you are not alone.  
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you r one strong son of a gun my friend......when i lost my last rescue dog, it killed me, i cried for weeks and had to bury im myself. yes u have depression, talk to your doc, he can help.....don't go this alone....u have been thru hell i cant even imagine, get some help bud.i'm here if u need me. hard as a rock, shut likea lock, hrdcore  (peter)
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you r one strong son of a gun my friend......when i lost my last rescue dog, it killed me, i cried for weeks and had to bury im myself. yes u have depression, talk to your doc, he can help.....don't go this alone....u have been thru hell i cant even imagine, get some help bud.i'm here if u need me. hard as a rock, shut likea lock, hrdcore  (peter)
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sorry, double post
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Lance,  your story touched me.  Don't feel like you are the only one going thru this. I've struggled with anxiety and depression on and off for several years.  I find that getting out of the house and walking in nature or talking with a good friend often helps.  Do you have someone you can confide in - a good friend or family member?  You've gone thru a lot of sad stuff and it is only normal that it would throw you for a loop.  But don't just stay home holed up in your bed.  Force yourself to get out of the house and think of something else.  See your doctor and discuss your feelings of depression. Are you on anti-depressants?  You may need to be for a short period of time.  Whenever I feel down I just want someone to tell me "Everything will be okay!"  So that's my advice to you.  You are going to be fine!  Don't give in to the depression.  Get up and move.  Get out of the house.  Call a friend to go for a walk and ask for their help.  Maybe even volunteer at a local dog shelter in honor of your beloved dog.  I wish you well!  Good luck!  You're going to be fine!!!
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    I have had depression for 6 years. Along with anxiety/panic dissorder.. They work hand in hand. As well as OCD.  You do sound like you have some problems that need to be adressed. The best advice I can give you, because I have been down that path. I never wanted to get out of bed, I always wanted to sleep, I would get headaches, I'd feel sick.. Depression along with others, can present itself in a physical manor as well as emotionally too.
    The hard part about it.. is that when you feel that way, you feel like no one has felt how your feeling, you feel like you are the only one, that no one can possibly udnerstand how you feel or anything. Talk to your wife. The best thing YOU can do.. as well as her an whoever else you talk to, is educate yourself on this dissorder, make it known that is is a problem, that it isnt just 'all in your head'.  
     I'd listen to your doctor, follow up with a therapist and see if that helps. People dont think therapy does anything but it actually does! Also, if after some time, or even right now if you feel like medication may be a route you need to take, try it. But while taking medication I would suggest seeing a therapist on a regular basis as well.
    I know what depression is like, I know the feeling. It's awfull, gloomy, scary and lonely. I wouldnt wish the feeling on anyone, not my worst enimy.
    The main thing to keep in mind.. Is do not give up, there will be a light and it could take time, but may be quick.  Just know that 'yes this *****!' BUT 'I will overcome this, I am strong enough and this awfull problem is NOT going to rule me and is NOT going to control me"
    Like I;ve said I've suffered.. and suffering is exsaclty what it is. Just always remember, educate yourself, dont give up, always try and always have hope.
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