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Is it illegal for my spouse to give me Zoloft without my knowledge?

She is a RN, giving me her prescription without me knowing
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I would ask a divorce lawyer
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Oh for sure!  I found this out a couple days after I decided I’ve had enough of her Bi-polar behavior.
Probably, but if she is true bipolar, she may have an insanity defense.  It would be an assault and battery and probably a violation of specific laws aimed at preventing drug abuse and regulating nursing.  Consider if she did this on a regular basis:  you wouldn't know you were on an antidepressant, although you might start having side effects, and if she then suddenly stopped giving them to you you'd go into withdrawal from that and not know it.  These are not easy drugs to take or stop taking.  So yeah, if she knew what she was doing and intended to do this to harm you, then it is a crime.  But since you seem to know she did it and no harm was done, do you really want to put your spouse in jail?  I'd put my energy into either helping her with her illness or, if this has gone past that point, leave the relationship.  That is assuming, of course, that she is in fact psychotic and you're not just saying that in an offhand manner.
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