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Is it safe to take Zoloft with Vicodin or Percocet?

I'm on zoloft and I sometimes take my moms vicodin/percocet for pain and I'm just wondering is it safe to take these combinations together?

Zoloft+Vicodin= safe?
Zoloft+Percocet= safe?

Will the Vicodin or Percocet decrease the effects of the Zoloft? OR can it cause permanent brain damage?

I took 2 Vicodin's a couple days ago and then took 1 Zoloft pill an hour later and I started to feel weird/loopy. Could I have caused permanent brain damage?
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There is no "simple" answer......

The link I posted did not include the results.  I'll copy/paste them for you:

The site allows you to enter multiple medications and check for interactions.  Here is the breakdown of risk categories:

Drug Interaction Categories

Contraindicated:  Never use this combination of drugs because of high risk for dangerous interaction

Serious: Potential for serious interaction; regular monitoring by your doctor required or alternate medication may be needed

Significant: Potential for significant interaction (monitoring by your doctor is likely required)

Minor: Interaction is unlikely, minor, or nonsignificant

Here's the results for the meds you're asking about:

Significant - Monitor Closely.  Significant interaction possible (monitoring by your doctor required)
sertraline oral and hydrocodone-acetaminophen oral

sertraline oral will increase the level or effect of hydrocodone-acetaminophen oral by altering drug metabolism.

Significant - Monitor Closely.  Potential for significant interaction (monitoring by your doctor is likely required)
oxycodone-acetaminophen oral and sertraline oral

oxycodone-acetaminophen oral increases effects of sertraline oral by added drug effects. The combination increases the risk of serotonin syndrome, a serious side effect that can cause death.

This is one of those situations where taking your Mom's medication(s) is tricky, because you raise a good question, one that should really be discussed with your doctor.  It becomes a little odd to raise a question like this to your doctor, being that you specifically are not prescribed the medication.

As for where I got that you've been anxious about the Zoloft?  I'm just basing that on your posting history.  That's just how it looked to me anyway.
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Can you just give me a simple answer? My Zoloft hasn't started working yet. Can the effectiveness of Zoloft become diminished by using Vicodin or Percocet?

Also can you tell me where you got the idea that I have had anxiety on Zoloft?
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"I have NEVER had the urge to abuse them nor will I EVER abuse them."

Oh dear...do you know HOW many people have uttered those very words?  

Whether addiction is a concern or not, it's just a no no.  She shouldn't be sharing her prescription medication, especially considering that they are controlled substances.  If you have legit pain, why not get your own medication?  I know people do that, but with the way big brother is cracking down on narcotics abuse and diversion, I wouldn't recommend taking a chance.

As to your original question...you can read the following info and make your own decision:


You're new on the Zoloft, and have already had a lot of anxiety about it.  I wouldn't recommend adding anything else to the mix.  
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Just to be clear she lets me do it and I've been doing it since I was like 15 and I'm 20 now. I have NEVER had the urge to abuse them nor will I EVER abuse them.

Can you please answer my original question?
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You should absolutely NOT be taking your mother's pain medication, for many reasons....least of all what you're worried about.  If you're having a pain issue and require medication for it, you should be seeing your OWN doctor, who knows your history, and what medications you're taking.  

Please don't take anymore of her pain medications.  It's seriously a bad habit to get into.
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