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Is it worth it?

Hello. I would like your opinions on the following:
I have a friend who I might have feelings for but doesn't feel the same back. We hang out every once in a while, and sometimes it's fun, other times it's painful just texting her, because she is often in relationships with others. I don't have many friends or many sources of fun, so she is the last real source of fun, however the pain is much more often than the fun. I suffer from Bipolar type 2 so that makes it even worse. I'm considering cutting off all ties with her so I don't have to suffer anymore. I've cut off ties with several people before and it works, at least in the sense that i dont suffer due to them anymore. What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions or alternatives?
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Don't cut off ties with everyone in your life. Eventually you will end up alone.
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I would very much like a couple more opinions before I make my choice.
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its hard to be in that situation, all of us have been in it at one time in our lifes.  keep it cool.  and try to say to yourself "its ok"  you will find someone for yourself.. just be patient..
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