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Is there any difference between viepax and teva venlafaxine?

I've been on venlafaxine for about 5 years now and it has largely been a success.
However, recently the pharmacy had changed the branding of venlafaxine
quite regularly. It has gone from 37.5 mg Effexor to Teva and now to Viepax.
These are the standard release tablets not XL or XR.

I sometimes feel that it makes a difference when I do change but could be
more psycho sematic.

Are these brands the same tablet or does it make a difference?

Help would be really appreciated
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Hello there,

There's no difference between Effexor, Teva or Viepax. It is the same chemical in every of them which you know is venlafaxine.

XL means time released and XR means extended release. You want to make sure at your pharmacy that you are still getting extended release capsules but i doubt they would give you non-extended release capsules without telling you or without being told so with your doctor and your doctor would probably have let you know.

Best regards,
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The person to contact is Ryan on the anxiety forum.  Some generics have been found to be problematic, especially with Teva.  Ryan just might know, as he did know when someone was having the same problem after switching brands of klonopin.
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Hi, I live in England too, and you will find that things are different in the USA.  I was on Effexor (Venaflaxine) and doing well on it.  I stopped it, but within a year was in a deep dark depression again.  My doctor then started me on ViePax XL 75mg, saying it was the same as the Effexor I was on before, which is what you were taking.  I presumed it is because they are trying to save money on prescription drugs in the UK and so prescribe the generic form.  When I saw a different doctor this week he asked if I specifically wanted to be on the generic form.  I said no, but presume it had been prescribed because it was cheaper.

The doctor looked the drugs up in a book and said there was little difference in the price, and asked if I would like to go on Effexor XL.  I said yes, and also asked for dosage to be increased, so now I am on the original drug again.  I do not know if there is any difference, I am told not, and have googled it, but as I know Effexor suited me I am glad to be on it, if only to put my mind at rest.

I don't know about XR and XL though.  I have always had XL.

Let me know if this has been helpful.
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TEVA is currently under its second investigation by the FDA after reports of their generic for Wellbutrin XL "not working properly."

I didn't know Effexor had a generic already.  I was taking this until December 2009, and I was getting the brand name only- for 37.5, 75, and 150 mg capsules.

You really would have to try both to see if one truly works best for you.  Most of the time generics work, but oddly for a lot of these anti-depressant drugs, there are complaints upon complaints regarding efficacy.
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Hi, Here in England ViePax is the generic form of Effexor.  Someone else on this forum said it is not available in the USA.  
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I have been taking Effexor XR for years. They switched me to Venaflaxine when it came out and I had to take twice as much to get the same effect 75mg up to 150mg of generic and I was nearly a successful suicide!!! The insurance company is giving me grief over taking name brand over generic, even though Pfizer is kicking in $75 toward my prescription. They want me to take the generic (NO THANK YOU) or Cymbalta (NO THANK YOU AGAIN) b/c it gave me suicidal ideations ALL DAY LONG!!! Now b/c  my insurance is giving me so much trouble, and my Dr. hasn't been of any help, I am now in full blown withdrawal from Effexor XR!!! It is very painful and I'm back to crying all the time!!! I am not a suicidal person, and I refuse to take something that makes me suicidal. Why do insurance companies have to right to take away our meds???
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There are differences in ALL generic meds. They basically have the same active ingredient, but use different buffers, etc and that can make a HUGE difference.
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Were you taking the XR Venaflaxine or the standard?  My insurance only want to cover the non extended release generic but I tried it for 6 months.   I was annoyed at having to take it twice a day but for $37.50 for 90 days vs $90 for 90 days I was willing to do it.  Problem was it gives me mild nausea when I took it with a big meal and severe nausea if I took it on an empty stomach or even with with a smaller meal.  I just couldn't tolerate it so I went back to the generic XR capsules.  Our plan changed vendors at the end of last year.  I filled the 90 day prescription in December.  When I went to fill it this month I was told they would only cover the non XR generic.  I went shopping around and every where had Effexor XR in the $180-$200 for 30 day supply so even with the $75 off it was too much.  The prices ranged from $70-$110 for 30 days of the XR generic. I tried it with those free discount pharmacy cards and even though online they indicated that some of my local pharmacies would provide the XR in the $12-30 range for 30 days when I went to Walmart, Sams, NeighborCare, CVS they all told me that the card didn't give any discount and the $70-$110 rate applied.  Walgreens had a year long "insurance" for $20 that brought the price of the XR tablets to $50.  

Costco.com mail order pharmacy (you don't have to be a member to use the pharmacy) showed $40 for 90 day supply.  I emailed to verify the price because I thought it was like the discount cards but when they went to fill it the price jumps back up.  They verified the $40 price and in fact today when I got an email that it had been processed it came to $26 for 90 days of 75mg Venaflaxine HCL XR (TEVA).  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will work the same as the one I have been on.  I will post after trying it for a month.

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I was wondering how your switch to the Teva venlafaxine xr went for you?
I'm on venlafaxine immediate and feel nausea in the mornings and dizziness all day long. I'm also thinking  of making a switch.
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I have been on venlefaxine for over 10 years. I started on 37.5 and was put up to 75 about 5 years ago for anxiety and panic attacks I generally have no issues but recently I feel they are not as effective and I get side effects. Constant yawning when I'm not tired. Chills,  weird sensations in my head like when I move my head my brain feels like it's moving inside and also ringing in my ears. Has anyone else had similar side effects. I'm hoping it will settle but worried the drug isn't working anymore.
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