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Klonopin vs. Xanax cr

Klonopin 4mg/day does nothing for me.  I have ben advised to try xanax cr as an alternative.Has anyone had this problem?  I have been on klonapin for almost 2 years.  It worked great at first, but now does less than aspirin.
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Why are you taking klonopin?  For depression, anxiety, pain??
Klonopin and Xanax are both benzodiazepines with similiar effects.  They differ in that Klonpin stays in your system much longer then Xanax and Xanax may be faster acting, among other things.
It sounds like you may be building a tolerence to your current dose.   Discus this with your doctor.  If depression is your problem you may find better relief from an antidepressant which will also help with any anxiety you have as well.  Discuss this with your doc as well.
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Watch out for "CR", "XR" and "SR" versions of meds. As far as I know, only Wellbutrin "CR" and Effexor "XR" are superior than the originals.
I was taking 6mg's of Klonopin/day for many years before swiching to Xanax, also 6mg's/day. I suffer severe anxiety, and although the K-pins were O.K., they took too long to work and didn't  stop panic attacks. Xanax starts working in about 20 minutes and will kill a panic attack in it's tracks.
Most, but not all, people won't build up a tolerance to BZ's once they find a dose that works. I worked my way up to 6mg's of Xanax first, (fairly quickly), and stayed on that dose for almost 7 years w/out any problems with tolerance, but made the swich to K-pins for it's longer half-life while detoxing off opiates and the massive insomnia it causes, then back to Xanax again once the detox w/drawals stopped. Both meds were prescribed at 1 1/2mg's, 4x's/day.
As for Xanax "CR", it works as well as generic Xanax,(alprazolam), an in, you will still have to take it multiple times a day,( maybe 3x's instead of 4x's with the generic), and as far as I know, doesn't come as a generic. The "CR" was only added because it was going off-patent and "Big Pharma" didn't want to lose any $.
Just about every med with a suffix attached to it works as well as the original, and was made only because they were going off-patent, and the makers didn't want to lose any money to the companies that make generics.  
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