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Knowledge for Depressive People

Hello everyone, please take a moment in your life to read this information.

There's a subject that unfortunately people are unaware or don't take it seriously that should be talked more often and a lifestyle change that should be done in correlation with traditional medicine approach and therapy. Let me talk to you about the epidemic malnutrition and how it can be the underlying cause of many diseases.

''No one is talking about this invisible epidemic even though it's the leading cause of disability, affecting 1.1 billion people worldwide.

This epidemic of "broken brains" shows up in radically different ways from person to person, so they seem like separate problems. But the truth is that they are all manifestations of a few common underlying causes.

These seemingly different disorders are ALL really the same problem–imbalances in nutrition and lifestyle habits.

The imbalances take many shapes including schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's disease.

In addition, there are brain problems that fall on the lighter side of the broken brain continuum, and while many psychiatrists and neurologists wouldn't qualify these problems as treatable diseases, they still cause unnecessary suffering for many.

These problems include chronic stress, lack of focus, poor concentration, brain fog, anger, mood swings, sleep problems, or just feeling anxious or depressed most of the time.

There is an answer to brain problems, but it's not more drugs or psychotherapy. Although these tools can be a helpful bridge during your recovery from a broken brain, they won't provide long term solutions.

The secret that promises to help us fix our broken brains lies in an unlikely place, a place modern medicine has mostly ignored.

The answer lies into your body.'' -Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

You have to fix your broken brain by healing your body first. Here are the keys to heal.

-Improve Nutrition: With today's processed food and pesticides bombarded agriculture, it is really hard to get all the nutriments, vitamins and minerals the human being needs for a healthy life. Just cooking your food reduces the nutriments amounts you get and breaks down enzymes that help us digest our food. Eating enzyme-dead foods places a burden on your pancreas and other organs and overworks them, which eventually exhausts these organs. Many people gradually impair their pancreas and progressively lose the ability to digest their food after a lifetime of ingesting processed foods. Unless you tell me that you are growing your own agriculture in a rich ground without pesticides in a pollution free environment and you are hunting your own animals in the nature, you are lacking vitamins and critical nutriments. That's why vitamins supplements and other kind of supplements are critical for us westerners.

-Balance your hormones: The best way to balance your hormone is a good lifestyle with healthy diet and exercise. Exercise lowers stress hormones, boosts your energy, builds bone mass, and increases immunity. Choose an activity that you like ( walking, dancing, yoga, sports ) and do it several times a week. Healthy diet and good water intake is also important and as for what is a healthy diet i think i was clear above but i will be more clear. Eat whole, organic, unprocessed foods. Eliminate dairy foods that come from cows fed hormones that increases milk production. There’s no telling how they may affect your hormones. Go outside! Even a 30 mins walk is ok and considered exercising.

-Fix your digestive system: This is easy to do with a lifestyle change and proper diet but also consider buying a natural detox kits to promote the detoxification of your body in an efficient way when used with a good diet.

-Boost energy metabolism: Sugar, Coffee and all related products are all fake energy. Even if you are unaware of it when you run out of these you are experiencing withdrawals. The real energy is in good nutriments. Good vitamins and minerals intake is critical when talking about energy and especially the vitamins B. The B vitamins act as coenzymes, compounds that unite with a protein component called an apoenzyme to form an active enzyme. The enzyme then acts as a catalyst in the chemical reactions that transfer energy from the basic food elements to the body. The B vitamins are a group of eight vitamins, which include thiamine ( B1 ), riboflavin ( B2 ), niacin ( B3 ), pyridoxine ( B6 ), folic acid ( B9 ), cyanocobalamin ( B12 ), pantothenic acid and biotin. Most of the B vitamins have been recognized as coenzymes, and they all appear to be essential in facilitating the metabolic processes that are essential for life. These vitamins are essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, which provides us energy, the breakdown of fats and proteins, which aids the normal functioning of the nervous system, muscle tone in the stomach and intestinal tract, and healthy skin, hair, and eyes. Since these vitamins affect such important elements of your body, a source that provides them all in a single daily supplement is recommended. The B vitamins are important for the proper formation of every cell in your body, particularly nerve cells. This is why it is so important for pregnant women to take supplements that contain the B vitamins, particularly folic acid, and why a deficiency of certain B vitamins manifests itself first as anxiety and depressed mood.

It is also important to take time to relax to avoid production of the stress hormone that is having an impact on your health by affecting your brain and immune system.

There you have it folks, you are free to do whatever you want with your life but i felt that the people needed the right information regarding a long-term solution.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask here or send me a private message.

Very best wishes,
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Thank you for your dietary advice. Its good to have a hobby, and even better if it is a healthy hobby involving taking care of yourself through exercise and diet. I wish you the best of luck in taking care of your needs. Growing your own fruit and vegetables and living a stress free life is not available to many people.
You may advise just walking away and practising self care, but there are quite a few people that suffer depression that also have jobs that kepp society ordered.
I'd say there are teachers, policeman, doctors, surgeons, dentisits, politiicans, mechanics. builders, farmers etc that suffer from depression and if they were to walk away and follow your advice what would happen to society? Who would take care of you? You cant do everything yourself -  you are surrounded by - and you rely on depressed people whether you know it or not! So do your loved ones.
Dietary advice can tend to trivialise what for most people is a most disabling and misunderstood disease. I'm not saying some of your  advice doesnt contain some merit for some people at some time of their life. All the best with your hobby.

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Nothing in my post is related to not having a job to succeed in the lifestyle change i am proposing and the information regarding it is only there to give you knowledge on the importance of exercise and healthy diet+ vitamins and supplement since it's impossible to get the good nutriments intake with today's westerner's diet and processed food and pesticides bombarded agriculture.

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I'm not going to suggest I agree with everything M4 says, or even most, but your cynicism, which might be a product of depression, has led you to attack the messenger for what he didn't even say.  The fact is, the US, despite being the wealthiest nation in history by far, even in our current recession, has an epidemic of mental illness, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and odd diseases such as fibromyalgia unmatched by any other nation.  Why would this be with all our wealth?  I think all M4 is suggesting is that maybe we're doing it to ourselves.  And as to a "hobby," friend, if you ain't involved in growing food, providing shelter or clothing, whatever you're doing is a hobby.  You don't have to grow your own food, you can procure healthy clean food at health food stores and farmer's markets or buying clubs without leaving your neighborhood, so you don't have to change much.  We're a nation of sick people and it's bankrupting us; we all have to try and be part of the solution if we ever want to stop suffering. Just a thought.
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Yeah Pax this is the message I'm trying to spread... By the way what you don't agree with my post? I'm just curious.
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Well, we have a lot of disagreements.  First, I don't see things being as simple as you do.  I guess I'm a lot older and I've seen a lot that just doesn't make that much sense, and you're still young and think things do more than they really do.  Current knowledge is much shakier than what you sometimes describe it as. Now, that's just my opinion, not fact.  Fact is a tricky thing.  I also disagree, as you know, with much of your nutritional info.  People are different, and you recommend certain foods which I don't believe most people do that well on, at least not in quantity.  I definitely don't think people are necessarily going to lose their depression or anxiety by changing their diets and exercise patterns, though it certainly can help mitigate the effects.  Now, some will get better, especially those whose problems stem from food allergies or intolerances such as to dairy and wheat.  I'm just not so sure about curing this stuff once you have it without a lot of work and perhaps some luck.  I tend to look at people as individuals, and avoid generalizations.  What's good for one isn't necessarily going to work for another.  But I do agree with your general message, which is that we really need to put more energy and money into research on what we're doing to ourselves, what is really food for homo sapiens now that we seem to have lost our instinct, what effect blood type and allergy and ethnicity etc. has on our health, and into just how well therapy and medications actually work and how they work and what the long-term harms are so we can look out for them and learn how to deal with them.  On this we're in accord, and again, just because I disagree doesn't make me right.
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I think you are too much biased because of your personal experiences... I'm only giving straight fact here... Also i don't recommend any specific food anymore. I know you are against diary product but it is not true that most of us lack lactase. Most of us have it and those who doesn't have it have lactose intolerance. After all we are mammals and your mother feeded you with milk. Only difference between your mother's milk and cow milk is These milks are low in iron and differ in the protein composition compared to mothers milk that other milks are low in iron and differ in the protein composition compared to mothers milk. Anyway i don't drink milk i drink soy beverage ''milk''. Look I don't want to argue no more but i studied biology, now studying biochemistry and neurobiology so i know my facts and how it works. Just get your facts straight before disagreeing. Yes I'm young but you have no idea how I'm all about learning and knowledge and studying to understand the world around me and who i am and who we are. This is why I also did some physics from MIT online lecture 8,01, 8,02, 8,03 and biology from there too. One last word, I don't say diet and exercise will cure everyone but it is a long-term solution since depression can be cured and drugs that are used can be be a good tool but not a long-term solution since our body is perfectly capable of balancing itself by giving some effort and believing in your body's own mechanisms. I'm also a lot into pharmaceutical since i have no choice for neurobiology and i strongly believe the chemical imbalances can be treated in a natural way. After all the human being is made to eat what the earth is giving that means biological fruits and vegetables from the nature and animals lower on the food chain. Mental disorders and a whole bunch of physical diseases started to appear as we disconnected from nature and processed our food, bombarded with pesticides our agriculture, genetically modified our food, cooking our food, living a stressful life etc. Anyway we can't change the way we evolved but we can surely help our body by consuming appropriate diet with supplements and vitamins/minerals. The human being needs the same 22 minerals that are found in the earth, we are made from the earth. There's nothing hard to understand in that. I'm not from greenpeace or whatever and i think all that happened was useful for our evolution but now there's a revolution happening with technology and this is what will probably safe us from the being the 6th mass extinction but we need to realize that we are coming from planet earth and the more we detach, the sicker we get. Until science main goal is achieved, that is, controlling and dominating every aspect of nature/earth the biosphere. But until then we are far from mind uploading and matrix like simulation and neural implants or whatever human enhancements we will have in the future like exocortex, powered exoskeletons, genetic engineering, nootropics.

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Look, I agree with you mostly, M4, but you're just wrong on milk and "facts" are very few and far between.  There's a difference between information and facts.  Human milk is way different than cow's milk, and cow's milk is way different than goat's milk, etc.  Cows aren't even a real animal, they were invented by humans who wanted meat with more fat in them.  Ever seen a wild species of cow?  I mean, there are wild oxen, buffalo, etc., but no cows.  Same with wheat -- also invented by humans.  A cow has one of the oddest digestive systems known.  A cow chews up grass, which forms a medium for bacteria, and the cow feeds off the bacteria.  That's why corn-fed cows get so fat and have so many diseases they need antibiotics -- too much sugar in the corn and too much fat, so the bacteria gets disrupted.  And if you'll notice, calves don't drink milk once they're weaned, they eat grass.  Only humans force food into them that isn't meant for them.  Once we're weaned, that's it, milk isn't our food.  It's that way with all mammals.  Now, the milk.  Human milk, assuming the mother eats what she should, contains DHA, just for one thing, that cow milk has little of.  DHA is essential for the proper development of our cerebrum; cows don't have a cerebrum, and don't need much of it.  Another key ingredient is colostrum.  Human colostrum is very different from cow colostrum, though cow can be beneficial.  That colostrum is essential for our immune systems, and it isn't in bottled milk, it's only in the first squirts of breast milk, whether you're a calf or a human.  When I was young, milk companies convinced doctors that breastfeeding was inferior to formula, which was basically fortified cow's milk.  That led to many allergies, auto-immune diseases, and neurological problems, and now the science is back in control and women are encouraged to breast feed again.  So you see, quite different products.  Now, goats and sheep have a far different digestive system than cows, much more similar to humans, so their milk is closer to ours, but still not the same.  Most cultures don't drink much milk, they culture it as in yogurt or kefir.  And no, most humans don't have lactase.  Some tribes in India have it, some in Scandanavia, but most humans don't.  Just the way it is.  Now, don't take disagreement so seriously.  You aren't God, and neither am I, which makes both of us fallible.  Have some humility, 'kay?  Peace.
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I have considered Vitamin B as a potential cause for depression.  However, I had blood tests on vitamin B and thyroid and they show no abnormality.  Does this mean that I should still take the B supplements?  Also, the depresssion has been bad since the prozac generic stopped working.  As a result my doctor switched me to Wellbutrin.  I agree with the exercising.  I think it helps.  Eating raw vegetables may help but it is difficult on the digestive system.  What other links can you think of to aid in the reduction of depression.  I switched from xanax to klonipin.  I hope this does not add to the problem.
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I'm sure M4 will have good info, but just some thoughts since he hasn't answered yet.  Vitamin B supplements, especially what's called a stress B, provide additional support for the nervous system -- in other words, they're meant to give you extra, just as medication is meant to give you extra potency of natural processes.  Switching to klonopin is common -- because it has a longer life in the body, it's considered safer for long-term use than Xanax due to less need for developing tolerance.  And not all raw vegetables are hard to digest.  It depends on the vegetable.  For example, raw broccoli and kale and such have fibers that are very hard to digest raw and should be cooked.  Spinach, on the other hand, is much better for you raw, as are carrots, celery, and other vegetables.  Juicing is another way to get relatively raw food broken down without cooking.  And cultured raw foods, such as kim chi and sauerkraut, are very good for digestion -- they promote it.  So it just depends.  
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Nothing to add up to what Paxiled said other than when you cook your vegetables you break down most enzymes and nutriments that are helpful for you and your digestion but Paxiled is right too about what food you should cook and what not but your body can adapt to every raw food and I'm sure it will because raw food gives you the enzymes and nutriments you need. Vitamins B will not increase depression and B6 is known to have a considerable impact on the mood. Here's one of my post about vitamins B http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Alternative-Therapies-Community/Vitamin-B6-benefits/show/1130378

Best regards,

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What is this doing on the Depression forum? Surely it belongs on a forum relating to food or similar. Here it's just taking up space and it is definitely NOT information for depressed people.
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Well, personally, I think M4 and Paxiled are offering very helpful information.  Of course, diet and exercise are not going to make depression disappear, however, eating well and exercising can certainly Improve our mood.  
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