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I am taking Lexapro for five years. It is possibly stop taking it, cold turkey?
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My husband did. You should taper a little first but yes you can. Make sure your Dr says ok too.
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I would recommend talking to your doctor. I have been on several AD's over the years (Lexapro being one of them) and have found tapering to be a better route than CT.  You will most likely get some flu-like symptoms (chills, body aches, etc), but the one that is always worst for me is the "brain zaps"...which is always worst with CT. They linger for some time and freak me out. Yes, everybody is different, but the zaps seem to be fairly common. Your Dr can provide a good taper plan for you.
Best of luck!
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No, you should never stop taking an antidepressant abruptly.  Antidepressants often cause a "discontinuation syndrome", even when tapered properly.  The symptoms of the syndrome (also called "withdrawal" by many) can and likely will be much worse if you don't taper.

Work with your doctor to devise a proper taper plan.

What were you prescribed the Lexapro for?  Depression?  Anxiety?  Have you addressed the original issue?  Are your symptoms well managed?  Just make sure that you don't decide to stop taking the Lexapro prematurely, as often times, the original symptoms will return, sometimes even more severely, within a few months of stopping the antidepressant.  I'm one who has stopped taking them, and each time, my panic disorder returned with a vengeance.  For some people, it just makes more sense to stay on the medication.  Be sure to think that through.  

Good luck to you!
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I just tried too and there was serious rage issues and emotions and I was argumentative and hostile to loved ones (general public was very friendly too).

I redid it by dropping 5 mg each time. Each time I had to be stable for 2 to 3 months before another 5 mg drop.

If you go cold turkey you can get yourself in a world of irreversible hurt you can not fix and highly likely to go back to the original dose anyways.
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