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Lexapro - YIKES!!!

My doc just put me on Lexipro 20mg once a day.  I have been browsing the archives and reading a lot of negative about the side effects and withdrawal symptoms.  I'm beginning to wonder what I've got myself into, but I'm desperate to feel better.  Can anyone give any positive input on lexipro helping with mood swings, crying spells and anxiety.  There seems to be alot more negative out there than positive.
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Lexapro does help with depression and it did make a big difference in my life but the weight gain associated with it wasn't worth it to me because that made me bummed out too. So I started taking Wellbutrin and my Lexapro was cut way back to barely any but the combination of the two seems to be making a big difference and works better than either separately. But that is what works for ME personally. Not sure how it would work for other people.
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I was on lexapro for almost 2 years...i gained 40 lbs on it...recently went off...the first time i tried to the w/d symptoms caused me to go back on it...this last time I was pregnant and w/d wasn't too bad.  Though being off of it my depression has come back.  One thing I didnt like about the lexapro is that it made me an emotional zombie...i almost NEVER cried, even during times when it was HEALTHY for me to have done so...
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