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Lexapro - what to expect?

  Diagnosed with mid level depression and panic/anxiety attacks.  I have been on buspirone and it does not seem to work.  Doc wants me to stay on that and then take 1 Lexapro per day.  Also a sleep aid.  I think he will take me of Buspirone when the Lexapro reaches its working period.  I asked and he informed me that this is not a lifetime thing and you can get off this stuff.  Also he advises that  lexapro is non-habit as is the sleep aid/anti depressent trazadone he gave me.  I am new to this med  also as Ambien CR did not do it.  

Anyone know what to expect with these? Thanks.
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Hi there.  I am on Lexapro and I seem to have no side effects.  It's helped me quite a bit...and I've been on it since October.  It's one of the more mild anti-depressants.

Trazodone is a GREAT sleep aid.  I take 50-75mg/ night and I sleep without waking in the middle of the night.  I tried Lunesta, but it didn't work at all for me.

I've had positive experiences w/ both of these meds...Good Luck, and remember though - meds affect people differently.
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1 Lexapro?

is it 5mg? 10mg? 20mg?
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10 mg
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