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whats the differnce in the 2 i was on celexa back in 07 for a few months and did ok trying lexapro and feeling awful i was switched to cymbalta but it kinda speeded eveerything up and dr on call said go back to lex till i can talk to my dr but it makes me nauseated dierehha weekness and seems to lower blood pressure and heart rate and i feel more depressed and i only took 5 mg
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I had been on Celexa a few years ago and I had annoying side effects-no sex drive, exhausted, nausea-and the doctor suggested Lexapro.  He explained that it's like a reverse molecule of the same medication as Celexa so if I have side effects with one, they may be less likely (or different) on the other.  I did much better on Lexapro as far as side effects go.  You should talk to your doctor again and ask if you might be better off returning to Celexa.  I have never been on Cymbalta but I was curious about it.  I read up and it sounded like too many side effects for me.  
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