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Lexapro Withdrawal

Help!  I discontinued Lexapro about a month ago.  My doctor told me to "taper" off.  I reduced my dosage by 2.5mg. per week for one month.  I was on 10mg. and had been for 8 months.  
Since discontinuing the Lexapro, I have had horrible anxiety, agitation, head pulsing, electrical "shock-like" feelings in my head and a burning sensation within my body, particularly in my arms.  I am also extremely impatient and irritable.  This has been going on for a month and it is really scaring me.  The burning sensation and the agitation seem to be getting worse instead of better.  I did not have these symtoms before the Lexapro...I was being treated for depression.
Can anyone help me with this?
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I'm also withdrawing from Lexapro and having the same symptoms you have mentioned.
I have been told this can last anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.
I was wondering how you are now feeling.
Its only been a week for me and I'm going mad.
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i was only extremely dizzy, i am having a really bad time trying to get on other ones because i am scared  reading everyone elses reactions to the drugs.. but i cant not be on one
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I was only on lexapro 9 months 10 mg a day... been off for a week due to running out and insurance issues..orignally was given to me for anxiety as a replacement for zanax which is addicting so i was told... it was ok..but made me gain a ton of weight..i was shocked that that! i thought it was my eating habits or hormones..couldnt figure it out , but after reading many posts on this I see almost everyone remarking that they had rapid weight gin as well..

I spoke to the pharmacist and he said i should of weened myself properly..but the doc wouldnt give me a few weeks worth without a paid out of pocket visit.. i have noticed flu feelings..naseua vomiting.. dizziness ect.. no irritibiity.... but i am hating this...

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