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Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL - new to meds

Hey folks, so I'm brand new to depression medication and just wondering what folks think about the combination of Lexapro and Wellbutrin. A lot of folks I know had bad problems with Wellbutrin, but really like Lexapro and right now I'm kinda just trying to power through side effects. Currently, I take them both in the morning and I feel myself kinda shifting back and forth between feeling focused and awake or tired and dizzy and I want to know if it would be better to just take the Wellbutrin in the morning and the Lexapro at night? Like, would that change anything or does it matter?
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Actually, taking two meds at once if you're just starting out makes no sense.  Why take two meds if one will do?  Why fact two sets of side effects when you can just face one?  Personally, I'd stick with the Lexapro and skip the wellbutrin.  The main reason for combining the two is if you get certain side effects from ssris, such as sexual dysunction and weight gain.  Here's one problem:  wellbutrin is a very stimulating antidepressant.  Lexapro affects people differently -- ssris are usually sedating, but they can affect some people by being too stimulating.  Too much stimulation can cause anxiety.  But if you try two meds when you're starting out, you'll never know if that med works or not or if just one med does the trick.  That's my two cents worth.
I also thought that! I think she just gave me the Wellbutrin because she thinks it'll help me quit smoking...
But if the Lexapro works, that will help do the same thing, because if you're emotionally more stable you might feel less of an urge or more of a sense of confidence you can stop.  Now, this is all assuming your depression is so severe you need medication at all and wouldn't do better trying therapy first.
Wellbutrin is not stimulating for me AT ALL. it could be that I'm just so severely depressed and deal with chronic pain daily that I am just so exhausted all the time but honestly I am always tired, have no sex drive, haven't lost any weight, been on Wellbutrin over a year and still extremely depressed. I honestly feel like its just a sugar pill!!!! It has done NOTHING for me, I'm not expecting a magic pill, but really it hasn't helped anything, at all. can I ask what you're "bad problems with Wellbutrin" are?? when I first got on it for about 2 months I was full of rage and was so moody and angry and sad all the time. it was horrible. but now it has no effects whatsoever, no good or bad. I really want to try an SSRI, I think I have serotonin deficiency.
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