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Lexapro and weight

Has anyone managed to stay on Lexapro and lose weight? I took it several years ago and felt better than I ever had in my life- until I stepped on the scale! Went from a size 8 to a 22 in a few months!!! There were other lifestyle changes at the time and I had recently lost a lot of weight, but still this seemed dramatic enough to stop taking it.

I lost a lot of weight after stopping, but nothing else has been as effective at treating my depression and anxiety.

Any suggestions?
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Hi there!  

These kinds of medications definitely can cause either weight loss or weight gain in some people.  Your weight gain was pretty dramatic, so like you said, I'm sure the Lexapro was only one factor.  

Let me ask you this, have you TRIED any other medications?  If not, I would recommend that you do that first.  Zoloft would be one that I would personally recommend asking your doc about.  Like Lexapro, many people have great success on it, and it's easily tolerated by most people.  In my experience also, it seems that it's pretty common that a lot of people either experience a bit of weight loss on the Zoloft, or at least weight maintenance.  You'll never know how you'll react until you try these meds.

That would be my advice, if you haven't tried anything else, then ask your doc for some recommendations.  Good luck, update us when you can!
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