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Lexapro withdrawal

i was taking 10mg to 20 mg daily of lexapro for the past two years.  i quit taking it several months ago because i felt i didn't need it and don't want to live on medications.....i went thru a bad divorce after thirty years of marriage and now i'm ready to move on....no more depression.  however, i have been experiencing sporadic withdrawal symptoms.....except for the load constant ringing in my head, not my ears, my head.  it is driving me crazy....sporadically i have the brain gushing......it's like a loud gush sound and feeling and then it's gone.....then a dizzy spell.....it's very scary.....is this serious and need attention or should i just live thru it.....will it go away without further medication?  at first i would just take a pill and be ok for days then it strikes again.....usually always in the late evening.
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You may want to talk with your doctor or talk with a neuro because it could be something neurological.
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Hi.. I went off Lexapro also and I was dizzy and had Brain zaps.. not sure if that is what you are describing but it was just like a weird buzz in my head and then it was gone... VERY STRANGE!
I'm here if you need to talk!
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