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Lexapro withdrawls and symtopms

I stopped taking my Lexapro about 2 and a half weeks ago. I took Lexapro for 9 years but my insurance is gone and I can't afford it so I quit. The first week was horrible! I was a real WITCH! If  you know what I mean. But that passed and now I have noticed a few other things I would like to ask about
1. I hurt all over. Even my fingers hurt. Is this a withdrawal symptom?
2. I noticed that I don't need my glasses anymore. I didn't have bad eyesight but needed them to work on the computer and read things far away, but I don't need them. Was my needing them because of the lexapro?
3. I have tried to lose weight for years and learned that lexapro is notorious for weight gain and hindering in its loss. Can I expect to be able to lose some now?
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I am guessing 2 has nothing to do with Lexapro. 1 might, but I doubt it.

You would better off getting professional advice free from your pharmacist. (Or your doc if you have time.) Some people here might know the answer, but you have no way to verify that.
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