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I have been on Lexapro for over 4 years and dont mind it. I am not considering getting off of it. My problem is that I changed insurance companies and the new one doesnt want to pay for the Lexapro and decided to give me Celexa. I called them and was like WTH. Its been 3 days since I have been off and am starting to feel really depressed..Which is basically the only withdrawl symptom I have. I have been without it before, so know this. What I want to know is ...does anyone know how to deal with the insurance company. I take Lexapro for anxiety and Celexa is for depression. Im sleepy all day and want to cry all day, im irratable. Help
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Did you say that your taking both Celexa and Lexapro?

Has your doctor approved that combo? The rule of thumb is that you should never combine two SSRI meds. Just as one should not combine two different SNRI meds.

Not sure why your insurance company will not accept Lexapro. The cost difference between name brand Lexapro and name brand Celexa is nill.

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No I take Lexapro only, but my insurance won't pay, so without consulting me, my doctor switched the med to Celexa. Which I am not taking.
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Oh I see. I got confused for a second.

These Damn insurance companies! All they care about is profits.

I swear they will look for any way to avoid coverage.
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I'm no expert but I believe that Lexapro is a refined version of Celexa so is similar.  

Our insurance wouldn't pay for my daughter's Lexapro either unless she would try an antidepressant from their list first.  Since when do insurance companies get to pick the drugs we are on?  Anyway, even with two different doctor's offices trying to deal with them they wouldn't budge.  We have had to either pay out of pocket or get samples from her pdoc. I'm glad she's tapering off because Lex is really pricey.  

I did just read somewhere that they are coming out with a generic form that hasn't been available before but don't know if that's true.  You might want to check.
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I was just looking around some of the Canadian online Pharmacies. I found a generic Lexapro. It appears that while it has not yet been released in the US, that it can be purchased online thru this Canadian pharmacy.

It's the exact same active ingredient and the cost is a fraction of what Name brand Lexapro is. May be worth a try.
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