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Life *****!!!

I just can't stand my life anymore. I suck at everything video games, sports, talking to people, etc. I've been trying for the past 5 years to find a major that interests me and nothing does. I can't get a job if I want to because I screw up in my interviews. Every day seems likes it's the same thing over and over again and it's soo freaking boring. Not to mention for the past year I have been suffering from non-stop brain fog, DP, not feeling real, and it just won't go away. Nothing has helped with it either; therapists, meds, working out, nada. I've come to the point in my life where I'm just like, why do I even bother trying anymore. Any ways I hope I didn't bore anyone.  

Who else feels the same?
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Hey buddy, I'm so sorry you're feeling so lousy about yourself and your life.

Can you remind me what kinds of treatments you've tried in the past for your depression (and anxiety right?).  Meds?  Therapy?

I know it's super easy to get discouraged, when you feel you're just climbing an unending mountain.

We're here for you...you're FAR from alone.
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why does the word su*k get blurred out?

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oh thanks.

I have tried different doses of citalopram for the past 4 years.
I also have seen therapists where we just talk about my life, what I'm Feeling like, and why do I feel like this.
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well I've been back to college for two weeks already and I still don't feel any better. Working out doesn't feel good anymore, therapy sessions aren't working, and not to mention I feel even more brain dead now. :(
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