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Light therapy?

Has anyone tried light therapy for depression? And is the sun the same as using a light? Anyone try this type of therapy? Looking for experiences.
Thank you
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While doing research for my cat, looking for help with kidney damage to prevent her from going into kidney failure, I ran across & an article that said that it is recommended for help in the kidneys. It is done with a heat lamp &/or a stick, but, I don't recall @ the moment, what it is called.
Lack of sunlight, I know, can make depression worse & sometimes make you more susceptible to it.
Who are you asking about it for? A person or animal?
I personally think it is worth checking into & it is something that you can do at home. No need for visits to a Dr. or vet, no insurance involved. Just a comfortable place to be, the bulb, a clamp lamp & some electricity! (If I can find those articles back, I will give you the links to the sites.
But, yes, I think it would be worth it!
It's actually for myself. If you do have the links I would like to check them out sometime, thank you.
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