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Lithium for resistant depression

I've being on antidepressants the last 6 Years. Diagnosed with pnd when I was 20. I was told that I had resistant depression so was giving 800 grams of lithium as a booster. I've being fine the past 6 Years. I sometimes wouldn't take my meds on a Fri and sat when I'm out socialising. But later if I miss a dose I've crippling anxiety and depression for days. It's so annoying because alcohol never effected me like that before. I'm afraid to go out I'm even getting anxious about being anxious. Can alcohol have affect even with just one skipped dose? Or are my meds just not working. I'm the most outgoing person ever and I hate feeling lik this.had to take a week off work because it got that bad.
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No, you're suffering withdrawal from skipping the dose.  You have to stop these meds one a slow taper, otherwise you can suffer withdrawal effects.  Now, of course, we're all supposed to not drink when we're taking these meds, alcohol can intensify the sedation and other effects and can also cause things like balance problems that mimic what we feel when we're anxious.  Don't skip doses.
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