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Living with depression

I have been living with depression for three years now. I’ve lost interest in everything. This anxiety and depression is driving me crazy. I don’t sleep well too. I wake up with headache, blood pressure and many other difficulties. I just want help for this from anyone who have experienced this in their life. Will any stress disorder treatment in Toronto like CBT Associates help for this? I have almost ruined my life with this behavior. Can anyone help?
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You don't need medicins. What you probably need is a high dose of vitamin D. Your complaints are signs of a vitamin D deficiency. I had the same symptoms as you for 2 years, until I began started to take 20000 iu of vitamin D3 per day with 2 magnesium pills per day morning and night to improve sleep issues, and all the other symptoms. It will take 8 months to feel completely better. Don't listen to a doctor, they don't even know Vitamin D deficiency can cause this. Try this and goodluck;)
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Hey, just to let you know, I've been dealing with depression most of my life and I am creeping up on 50 years old now.  My suggestion is this.  See a mental health professional that specializes in depression disorders.  You may very well need some medicine because some depression is because of a chemical imbalance.  Mine was and without the proper meds, I'd be a basket case.

Something else that worked for me is journaling.  Try to write often when you are feeling especially depressed.  Look for triggers that can set off a more depressed mood.  

Exercise...  I too gave up everything I ever liked doing and was miserable.  I started exercising and it became my hobby.  I never felt better but as often happens with depression, I got depressed and quit going to the gym as kind of a self punishment... ridiculous, I know but that is what I do to myself.  Get that exercise!!!

Read some Deepak Chopra.  Some of his stuff is repetitive but he breaks down how we feel and why we feel certain ways on the metaphysical level in a sense that you and I can understand.  The stuff I've read from him has brought a lot of clarity to my life and taught me to realize that not everything is worthy of being labeled as 'good' or 'bad'.

Diet.  Eat right.  Eat healthy and especially a lot of leafy greens, less red meat and drink a ton of water.

Those are what worked for me and I found them through a mental health professional.  Work until you find what works.

Good luck!
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i'm sorry to hear about your condition. In my experience the fastest and most efficient way to recover from any mental health issue is by having a treatment plan. One that you will dedicate yourself into and you will have the patience and determination to constantly maintain.

My treatment plan does include medications and CBT. It also include herbal tea, nutritional supplements, meditation, exercise, healthy diet, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, massage therapy, mindfulness programs, and support groups.
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