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Ive always struggled with my happiness I think the worse part for me is the lonliness, feeling like there isnt anyone to talk to or understand. I could feel alone in a room filled with loved ones. Nothing matters and noone can help. It doesnt even has to be triggered by anything in particular I just wak up some days and wish I didnt. There's a rain cloud hanging over my head. I get so angry and upset or I'll just lay down in my room and cry but I dont know whats wrong. I cried for two hours last night for unknown reasons and its not the first time. Even a TV show makes me feel seriously blue. Sometimes I'm so needy but it seems noone seems to make it better.
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You need to see a psychiatrist for an evaluation.  I suggest a psychiatrist because if medication is needed they are the most knolwedgable with these types of meds and can also refer you to the proper therapist.  It sounds like you're suffering from depression...which robs us of all happiness and makes us sad.  Know you're not alone and there is help.  Sharing with us was a big first step!  You can get the happiness back in your life, you just need a little help....and that's okay, it happens to all of us at some point. The depression is controlling your emotions right now, so know that you're not needy, and the loneliness will go away.  I wish you all the best.
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I agree with mammo.  Depression makes you feel isolated and interferes with our
perceptions.  I want to add that there are more people in the world, around you going thru
the same feelings. Most hide it well.  You are not alone and there are many places to
Get help. Don't be afraid to change doctors or ask for differenbt meds if you don't
feel improvement.  Having a counselor to speak with  a relief. Work at finding positive things;
Books, fun movies, cheerful colors, and other good news.  Maybe start a journel and every day
Write three positive things from your day.  Good luck.
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