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Loss of my pet dog.

Has anyone ever talked to their therapist when a pet died.  We had to put our beloved dog down 2 weeks ago.  It hurts so bad.  I wonder if anyone here ever got therapy for their pet.  I see a therapist off and on but everything I've read about loss of a pet is that it just takes time.  I don't know what help my therapist would be because they don't normally deal with someone depressed after their pet died
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I'm so sorry you lost your beloved pet. I completely understand how it feels. Your therapist knows how to deal with grief and you are grieving right now. I would recommend seeing your therapist and telling him/her that you need to talk about losing your pet. We also have a forum here at Medhelp for people that have lost pets. I think it would be a big help to you.
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Well honestly i think you have every right to be upset or the loss of your pet (my darling dani passed on about 3 days ago).. The tharapy i got was not from a therapist side of things but from those close to me (my dani was like my child) but if you were to see the tharapist about it i'd figure avoide the fact that it was your pet but nevertheless even if that fact is brought up they still have to help some-how.
I know it's very hard because pet or not they are part of your family and in ways we love them as if they were our children..
I hope that you feel better soon..
Just think of the good times and keep busy (thats what stopping me from going completly insane)
Good luck..
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For sure the loss of a pet is distressing, but like all else, when their time's up they go. As long as you are still above ground & not in too much pain you'll surely survive. What about replacing the pet? As when you fall off a horse.... etc. Maybe that's not relevant. Humans are said to have a life expectancy of c.70 yrs. A dog's/cat/horse/whatever is generally shorter, unless your pet was an elephant or giant tortoise. I'm 7 yrs past my use by date ~ have seen pets die & am sure you'll soon get over it. Best wishes.
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grief if you havent come to terms with it in 6 months go get help.If your already seeing someone maybe the death of the pet is adding to an already existing problem.If your worried speak to someone
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The Loss of a pet can be an alarming and frightening situation. Especially if unexpected. Pets enable you to share your feelings knowing that you are not being judged and give you something to show love to, just as you wish to be loved. Therefore they give you means of support. The loss of your pet may have given you a reason to let out feelings that you have been keeping inside. It can't hurt to go to a counsellor you trust and so don't wait because you could become irrational. I would reccomed talking to them about it. Good luck and God bless x
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You can talk to your therapist.

It is a bereavement that has upset you, it should be dealt with as so.. Why would the therapist ban you dealing with this?  I hope they would not.
It takes 2 years to feel normal, i have been there.  It slowly gets better, you separate from the thoughts a little more each week and things get better.

You will get better, it is normal
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