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Low dose fluoxetine

5 years ago I went through some hard times so my doctor put me on 20mg fluoxetine which really helped the depression I was having, but it also made me feel really wired, sweaty, and hyper. It also made my blood pressure spike and stay up. I stayed on them for about a year and decided to stop because it seemed like life had calmed down for me.

Lately I've been having a rough go of it again and have those old feelings creeping back even after seeing a counselor for two years. Though I have learned a lot there and feel the advice makes sense, I have so much trouble keeping my emotions in check and can often fly off the handle with them, having episodes of tears for two days straight and feeling like doomsday is coming. I feel as though it's time to medicate myself again so that I can live a life of quality instead of mental anguish. My current doctor asked if I'd like to try taking a 5mg dose of fluoxetine and see if it might work a little better for me this time.

Does a dose that little do much for anxiety and depression? So far it's been ten days and I'm feeling the exact opposite side effects that I felt 5 years ago on a higher dose. I feel EXTREMELY tired, a little numb, and sometimes slightly anxious but not too often. I'm so curious as to why it's affecting me so differently this time. Any ideas? And will this exhausted feeling subside?
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