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Max dose of Lexapro

What is the maximum effective dose of Lexapro?
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We can't legally provide in forums that information, I would check online as well many can provide monographs about most meds. If  you are considering upping your dosage, ensure you speak to your health team before you do anything, it may not be working properly or you may need a med change.
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I'm not exactly sure what the Max effective dosage is for Lexapro, but I used to take Lex for 2 years and was prescribed 30Mgs a day.

Some people find effectivness at the 10 or 20Mg dosage. Just kind of deprends on the person and how they react to SSRI's and their resistance to such medications.

Max effective dosge simply means that during the study trials of the medication, with each medication, there is discovered to be a dosage in which taking any more per day offers no further response or theraputic benifit.

Many people think the term, "max effective dosage," means that if you take more than that amount per day that you will get a toxic response or overdosage to the medication. That is not true at all. It simply means that "this is the point where we know the drug offers no further theraputic gain.'

With Lexapro, your probably best to stay 30Mgs a day or lower. Some doctors will find that some of their patients can tolerate and get benifit from 40Mgs a day, but that would be about the limit at which most doctors would say; lets try another med because this one is not working.
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