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Maximum dosage for Effexor XR

What is the maximum dosage for Effexor XR? Also, is it advisable to take with Lorazapham?
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I have taken Effexor XR for about 7 years at 450 mg per day.  Now I read that is too much; I want to quit.  My blood pressure is often quite low, my pulse hangs at about 48.  What on earth can I do?  How can I quit.  My doctor told me just to go back to 450 mg as that is where I was "feeling good."  I just tried to drop to 300.  I went down slowly, going down 37.5 mg per week.  Can I ever stop taking this stuff.  Was it right for the doctor to put me on 450 mg?  I feel so bad.
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Dosaging for Effexor XR ranges from 37.5MGs a day up to (what is considered) The Maximium effective dosage of 375MGs a day.

It has been noted by many Psychiatrists that some people benifit from dosages all the way up to 450MGs a day and it is not unusual to hear of Psychiatrist going that high.

It all depends on your tolerance to specific medications. Most people that take Effexor XR respond well at 150 to 225MGs per day. Some less, some more. Just deprends.

I took 300MGs a day for 4 years before Effexor XR pooped out on me and was no longer effective at controling my symptoms, at which time I switched to the Tri-Cyclic Nortriptilyne which also effects the neurotransmitter Norephinepherine but in a different way.

As for can I take it with Atavan (Loraxapam)? Yes many people take Lorazapam with Effexor and other maintenence AD medications to better help control anxiety. Not unusual.

Alfie007, Yes 450 is high, but if that is tolerable for you and it is effective for you than I can see why your doctor has decided not to rock the boat and keep with the Effexor.

Not always, but in many cases if you must take such a high dosage like that it usually means that after so many years on Effexor that your body has built up a strong resistance to the theraputic effects of the drug. One option is to go up in dosage (which your doc did) or do what I did and say "screw it" and go for another AD med that your body doesn't have built up resistance to, thus resulting in theraputic effect once again.

Actually I am supprised that you got 7 years of effectivness from Effexor. Most people poop out between 3 to 5 years and must change AD meds or add to the effexor.

One option (if your Effexor is failing) is to add Eskalith 450 to the Effexor XR. Adding Eskalith gives Effexor more punch and may give you another couple years from Effexor.

I did this and I was able to squeze another 2 years from Effexor at the same 300MG a day dosage that was failing prior to that.

Just some ideas to talk to you doc about.
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