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I want to learn more about yoga and meditation to help me with my depression where would be a good site to find this information.  Also has anyone found success with accupuncture?
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Hey loribell981. Welcome to the Forum!

You have taken a Giant step today towards Wellness and Healing.
For Meditation:
Try deniselinn.com       Denise is a "motorcycle buddy" of mine in a very special way.
You will find her meditation video  (free) on the left side column, below the facebook info.
She's very caring and very inspirational. (I had a past life regression with her recently)

I use meditation every single day. It makes my connection to Spirit so easy and blissful.
There are many ways to meditate. Done correctly, it will take you to  places, never
thought possible before. There are other free options. Maybe next time
You can also go to hayhouseradio.com  This is inspirational radio at its best.
You will find the greatest spiritual healers, authors and teachers under one "roof".
And it's all free.
Try EFT (emotional freedom techniques) .There's a free download for the basic manual and technique. You can do it yourself. It involves tapping at key accupressure points.
I'm very familiar with all this. So if you have any questions, just ask.
Your life has already changed by posting today.
Please post again, however, could you post at the alternative therapies, or message me,
directly (forum rules do not allow alternative discussions and recommendations elsewhere
in the forum). Once you post again, I will give you yoga info and pranayama yoga
breathing info, as well. Also give an update, if you want.
  Enjoy your journey!

  lilymoon thank you for that book suggestion.
I will look into it. (Addicted to Healing, Spiritual and Wellness books )
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A good book to start with is Mindfullness for depression it explains the idea of meditation etc.
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