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Meds not working

I take Zoloft, Klonpin, Trazodone, Lamicial. I am still depressed. I lay in a dark room, lay in bed and watch TV. I want more than anything to be myself again. I enjoy going to the beach or zoos or just playing with my dogs, anything that made me laugh. Now I don't anything, just empty? Should I ask my doctor about changing my meds? I tell him how I feel. What can I do? Don't work I am on disablitiy
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I think you should talk to your doctor and see about changing meds. Also do you see a therapist? It always helps to have someone who can help you with your low motivation and depression. You can't do it alone.
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Yeah maybe your dosages or the meds you are on aren't quit right. so I would suggest talking with your doctor about different possible options.
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It may be time for a med change.  I am on
zoloft and it was working OK but not completely
so my pdoc added Abilify to it.  It has made a
huge difference for me.  I feel completely normal
again - no depression or anxiety!  Just wanted
to share,

best wishes,
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Hi Fins! Definitely tell your doc. He/she may think you're okay with how you feel, unless you tell them this isn't good enough! I'm kind of in the same boat as you at the moment. Finding the right meds, the right dosage, etc is definitely a trial-and-error process. I'd be a wreck if I didn't know it was possible to feel 100% with the right meds (I had to stop b/c of interactions, now going thru the process again).

It's also possible for meds to "poop out" after long-term use and require dosage adjustments. Regardless, talk to your doc and tell them you want to try something new.
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i to take kopline and the doctor put me on effexsor to day... i am still waiting to see if it is going to work,  but i do agree you need to talk to your doctor and maybe change you meds up some..  i dont know alot about these meds but i have taken zoloft and it did nothing for me, i actually became sucidel on zoloft and had to come off of it.. i hope the best for you and please post when you go see your doctor....        best of wishes to you!!!   crazygirl (jennifer)
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One thing I dislike is when doctors use other medication to 'supplement' the main medicine.  If it didn't work to begin with, it does not work!  One supplenment, maybe.  I have gone that route and now insist that I won't do that anymoreKeep checking with your pharmacist and have him/her check for interactions.  A good doctor wil listen.  Be sure to explain WHY you are saying this.  EXplain your symptoms, observations abut yourself and drug side effects.  Present an intelligent argument.  I am NOT endorsing this:  I have tried many and just asked for Pristiq.  Found it on a site listing depression/PTSD medications and it had more reviews than any other drug.  I read all 257.  I wanted to know what the people were diagnosed for, other drugs taken, combinations, side effects, percentages that worked and not and made this choice to try it.  I have a very good doctor and we speak openly.  I may be emotional, but go to her and give clear reasons how something affects me in a bad/good way. Do NOT do this without doing a lot of research and talking honestly with your doctor.  That is critical.  They understand the chemical base of the drugs and can explain why something may not work.  But should be open to talking candidly about what you need or ask for.  I am hoping for the best, understand side effects and that it may not work.  Won't be the first time.  Have a family member observe you if changing meds.  They see what you cannot.  
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