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Migraines and depression??

anyone had migraines and depression.. and what meds helped you??
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I', not sure if I could consider mine migraines, but no question that my cronic Depression does contribute to my bad and frquent headaches.

The worse my depression is, the more frequest my headaches are si I'm sure there must be a connection.

I take Motrin for them, but it only help a little.
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Hi.....I have both migraines and depression.  My neuro doc put me on Topamax (I take it daily) for migraine management and when I do get "breakthrough" migraines I take Maxalt.  The Topamax has worked wonders!!!  But it isn't without some nasty side effects.  Initially it causes your feet, hands and face to tingle (that goes away)....but it plays hell with your memory (not everyone gets this, but I did).  It takes away your appetite (at least it did for me).

I was having about 10 disabling migraines a month....now I'm down to 1-2.

Best of luck!!!!
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Like JKJ I take topamax for my migraines and it is woking very well. The breakthrough ones are a pain but imatrax has helped me with those. The side effects are a bit of a pain at first but they do go away. And I will tell you the migraines were worse then the side effects by far.  
      Good luck to you...
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