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Miscarriage and depression

I dont really know that its worth discussing but i didnt see it posted anywhere else. I dont think i am depressed but my whole family thinks i need to seek help. I had a miscarriage amost 3 weeks ago and in the last few days i'll admit, i have been having mood swings. I have been crying alot, but isnt that normal? I understand that the first part of the grieving process is denial which everyone seems to think is happening to me.. i just dont believe that i am depressed.. i havent ever had that problem before. I have been acting differently i will admit, things are upsetting me easily, i am laughing one minute and crying the next.. i dont know, any advice?
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Yes it is part of the grieving process.you have a traumatizing thing happen to your body and your spirit.
I dont know If you sas the previous post but I had a miscarriage over 30 years ago and I still grieve for the child I  didnt get to know.
You tak as long as you need to grieve and give yourself time to heal spirituall and physically. I have found when other place awkward demands on you its because they feel awkwark themselves and dont know what to do.
keep coming  here to talk all you want.I will listen.Sometimes that is just what we need is someone to listen.
Love Venora
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I dont know if you still check this forum or not but i recently had a miscarriage and a d and c and i think i am fine one day and the next the whole world is coming down and all i see are pregnant people everywhere. We have been trying again which make me feel better until i get a neg test or some other bad news and i am right back there again. Nobody understands unless they have been there. My husband bless his heart tries really hard to understand and he has his sad moments but he didnt carry the baby and even though i wasnt pregnant long i still had a life inside of me that i never got to hold or meet. IT SUCKS!
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i know what you mean i lost my baby at 5 weeks on october 5 2007  and i took it very hard but keep tring just take care of your self so that you wont miscarrie again..... yeah these is drving me crazy..too all i could think at times is how bad i want a baby...and in a knap of fingers it was taken from me ............ sometime i think that maybe iam not worthy of having a child..... i believe in god but it really hard to find an answer to this,..................i dont understand how a person that never had pLANS of getting pregnant gets pregnant and how some many people that a drug addicts and just people that dont desive to have a precious child and t do.......and why not me me...............................................THE TRUTH IS YOUR NEVER GET OVER IT UNTILL YOU HAVE A CHILD IN YOUR HANDS................SORRY FOR YOU R LOST.......BABY DUST
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Don't forget that your body is going through changes once again now that you are not pregnant. Your hormones are adjusting.  It takes over a full month for your body to get back to normal after a miscarriage/d&c.  The same thing happened to me Nov. 8 and I am still coping.  My hormones are all over the map.  They don't help contributing to your mood though.  Make sure you do something good for yourself.  Like a mini-reward for all you have been through.  Nourish your spirit and the body follows.  Write if you need to vent or report progress!
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Thank you all for sharing your stories.  My fiancee and i just experienced the pains of a miscarriage.  While she claims to be doing fine...I can tell she isn't.  How did the men in your lives handle the miscarriage?  I know I'll never be able to fully understand and feel the loss the way she feels it...I just want to make her feel better.  I miss my best friend...;-(
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You sound like my husband. . .it's been five (5) days since I miscarried and he's walking on eggshells!  He doesn't know how to help me through this pain which is the most horrible pain I have ever felt.  This is my second miscarriage and it seems like I am more alone than with the first on which was cost me a fallopian tube!  I wish I knew how to tell you how to be there for your fiancee, but I don't know how to help my own husband.  I plan to speak to a therapist next week to find some assistance.  Maybe you may suggest she do the same.  I wish you much strength and comfort for you and your fiancee.  It's tough, but we'll all get through it.  Take Care!
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