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Mixing Drugs!? Help?

I just started taking topomax yesterday for migraines. My major concern right now is all the other meds im taking. Is there a website where you can list all the drugs you're taking and it tell you if its ok? One that is accurate? Ive found some that didnt warn me about taking SSRI's with phentermine. My pharmacist noticed when prescribed lexapro that i shouldnt take it while on the diet pills.
Im a 27 yr old single mom of a very active 5 & 7 yr old. Im a social worker but doing marketing for hospice and sales is very stressful. Not to mention Im very ocd, very analytical by nature....
So my problem is I have had a recent weight gain of about 15-20 lbs in the past few months which appears to be mostly water. Its all in my midsection (like I have a flotation device around my waist) and in my upper arms. I was put on elavil years ago for my headaches and that combined with the depo provera birth control and zoloft who knows what has caused it although i have taken all of those drugs in the past with no problems.
I had blood work done and there were no problems. My blood pressure was a little high so doc put me on maxzide (diuretic) and ive been taken it one month today and have actually managed to gain 3 lbs! Doc says its all stress related......prescribing phentermine (i lost 20 lbs on it last year for three months) and lexapro for depression. After realizing it wasnt a good combination (something about the phentermine intensifying the effect of the SSRI) i asked him to change the anti depressant to buspar. He called me in buspar and cymbalta (which i had never heard of but have learned its supposedly the only antidepressant with no weight gain side effects?) soooooooooo......headaches still an issue........neuro puts me on topomax yesterday and tells me to wean off the buspar i dont need both that and cymbalta and shouldnt need the maxzide anymore either. The phentermine has helped with my appetite of course this time around but unfortunately DOES nothing for my energy levels as before i guess because im so doped up oh and I have to take ambien to sleep now vs the elavil due to the weight thing.
So to sum it all up
Im taking
Depo Provera or birth control
Phentermine (diet pills)
Cymbalta (for anxiety/depression)
Buspar (half a pill for a few more days)
Any thoughts???
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Please try posting your question on the anxiety forum.  There is an individual on there with access to a medical library.  I am not sure what his background is, he is NOT a doctor, but has great knowledge on prescription medication.  He has helped many people on that site and is trusted.  His name is Ryan.

Best of luck to you
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I was on Topomax 100mg in the past for migraines- it worked for the migraines AND I lost weight on this!  It kills your appetite in most cases.  The other side effects were bad news for me so now I only take 50mg of it.  Just wanted to let you know I saw this and wanted to let you know that my doctor said that Topomax was almost marketed as a weight loss drug!!  My weight loss was due to the drug and then was due to severe diarrhea from taking the drug at the full 100mg dosage.  If you are prone to having a "bad stomach" you might not be able to take a full 100mg of Topomax.  50mg helps me with the headaches that aren't menstrual, but unfortunately I still get those, just not as bad so I continue to take the Topomax.  Just be careful, you must wean off Topomax if for any reason you decide to stop taking it- talk to your doctor!
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