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My 17-yr old daughter's major depressive disorder

My daughter, Katie, turned 17 recently.  She’s in a treatment facility (her meds were Effexor, Abilify, Clonadine) and after recently being taken off of abilify she made a suicide attempt by hanging.  

Katie’s 3/17/08 pyschological evaluation included:

Assessment tools:

WAIS- Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
WIAT –II – Wechsler Individual Achievement Test
MMPI- A - Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory A
MAPI – Million Adolescent Personality Inventory
Draw a House Tree Person Test
Kinetic Family Drawing
Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)
Suicide Probability Scale (SPS)
Disruptive Behavior Rating Scale,
Incomplete Sentences Report
Achenbach Youth Self Report (YSR)
Personal Problems Checklist for Adolescents
Parent Questionaire
Mental Status Examination
Clinical Interview

Diagnostic Impression - DSM-IV:

Axis I –           296.33 Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent, Severe
                        312.82 Conduct Disorder, Recurrent, onset
                        305.20 Cannibus Abuse
                        305.00  Alcohol Abuse
                        V61.20 Parent/Child Relational Problems

Axis II-            Borderline and Schizotypal personality traits

Axis III-          deferred

Axis IV -         Prlbems related to acting out, family relations, chemical abuse

Axis V -           current GAF = 56

Is there is known "question" about this grouping of medicines?


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I am not sure what you are asking. Are you asking if the removal of abilify caused the suicide attempt? Anything is possible but its hard to say if it was due to the removal of the drug. As for using those particular drugs its very common to use them together.

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