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Naturally Detox - Clay baths, ocean, Epson Salt

For all of you who may be suffering from withdrawls from a medication:  I just learned that to help significantly in drawing out the toxins from your system faster a clay bath, the ocean or epson salt in a warm bath.  All these natural remedies are helping me.  FYI  

Many people (not all) on this forum don't tell you how to help yourself .  Everyone just says to talk to the doctors.  The doctors don't know what they are talking about regarding antidepressants and it's really frustrating.  For example, my doctor told me that I wouldn't have any withdrawl symptoms after Lexapro.  And he also said that I could stop after 3 days and that I would be fine?    ------ I DON'T THINK SO DOC!!!!   FYI  
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NOt every one can deal with their depression or bipolar with meds.I for on need to take my meds for life.It is like being a diabetic.ther is no cure for my bipolar but I am doing so well on my meds.My marriage is good I have a great job and life is sweet where without my meds it was just awful.I even ended up in jail during one of my manic episodes.I swore I would neverend up like that aga in and my 2 meds keep me that way.
I do thnk mds tend to overprescribe anti depressents and they dont really know too much about them. That is why it is important to get a good psychiatrist and therapist to work together with you.
And it is also importatnt to exercise and eat healthy and get regular rest so if you do need meds they are kept to the minimum.
I do know that therapy and medication managment work
Love Venora
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