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Need diagnosis..natural options please

I have a hyperactive thyroid which is being treated and recently started pre-menopause with hot flashes. So now the newest thing is that I feel ad, cry for no reason and only want to sleep all the time. I don't want to talk to epople and if someone asks me to do someothing I feel like I am immiedately stressed by their request. Oh, I stopped smoming 5 weeks ago.

Any ideas if the smoking or the menopause would do this? mY doctor says I am not deprseed. He says hang in there. this is mood swings form the menopause.
Any natureal things that I could possibly take I really don't like this feeling of wanting to cry all the time or to hde from people or to sleep.
I took an on line depression questionnaire and it said mild to borderline depression.
Thanks everyone!
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You're symtoms could be the result of a number of factors, however your doctor should attempt to treat indivdual symptoms, as best as he can.
You didn't indicate whether or not you're on any medications for your depression and mood swings.
Congratulations on stopping smoking, but that can cause not only withdrawal symptoms, but anxiety for quite some time.
You may need other things to do with any free time to relieve the anxiety and depression which often results from lack of exercise, poor diet and lack of sleep.
For more information on menopause you might want to check out this website:
I hope you feel better soon.


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