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Need for Psychotherapy

I have been dianosed with Severe Depression, and all I have been given is anti-depressant drugs (Fluoxidine 20mg) but nothing else. I feel the need for Psychotherapy, as I know I have, additionally, quite some Psychiatric baggage, i.e. ADD, Transvestism, Compulsiveness etc. Is it possible to 'go away' maybe into secure accomodation so that you stay for the duration of the therapy, and do as many session of Psychotherapy as is necessary. I have an aversion to hospitals and would likely be on my way out within 24 hours of signing in, hence the sdesire for secure accomodation.Dubba70
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As far as I know, the blind school is still here. I don't actually live in the city, just not far from it. If I told people the town I lived in they would not have a clue where it is because it's so far out in the country.
That's good news about the private hospital. Do you think this is where you might go? Your moving right along with things. That's great!
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Hi Dubba. It's Remar. Ask your Dr if he has any ideas. You might want to also think about intense out patient therapy. Maybe starting out by going 3 times a week or so.
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I think you are so right if I cannot go inside. At my age I have all the time needed for in  patient therapies. If you have a job or a family to support it would be different. Plus the fact to be under the control of others, for a while, would be a welcome relief. You certainly have all the right ideas. I hope I can match up with possibilities closer to home. Regards Dubba
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If you feel you need in patient therapy then you should try that first. I live in MO and we do have out patient places here. I'm not sure where you live but I would think they would also have them there too. Start with asking your Dr first if he can recommend a good place. Take care. Remar
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I will do just that when I'm a little further down the 'road'. I have sourced a Private Secure Hospital where the do 'everything' right through to ECT. It is very expensive though. I will go through my GP because it is free on the NHS even if they send you to the Private Hospital. Oh! well, we shall see what happens soon I hope. I gather you come from St.Louis, Missouri. I met the USA paralympic swim coach in Seoul in 1988, she worked in a Blind School? in St.Louis. Regards Dubba
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