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Need help understanding Lexapro and Abilify

Ive been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for a while now. Though most of it stemms from my past, and im not quite ready to open that pandoras box.  My question, however, is my doc prescribed me Lexapro and Abilify, i need to know if aanyone out there who has taken these meds can tell me what side effects to expect and how long does it take to get into my system.  I have not taken the Ablilify yet, cause, quite frankly im scared to.  Having not been able to find anything on it besides what clinical side effects "might" be, im leary to take it.  The lexapro ive been on just over 6 days now, and i am also curious as to whether anyone else felt seemingly more depressed when fist taking it.  Also, as personal as this is, did anyone notice any sexual side effects, as in, im finding it harder to achieve orgasm.  Anyway i know im rambling and thanks in advance for any and all help you give.

Take Care
P.S Should i start taking the abilify and you think it will help lvl out the roller coaster ride i seem to be on emotionally?
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It usually takes 4-6 weeks for the meds to kick and get there full effect.Give them time and you will start to feel better.I have been on zyprexa and celexa for 6 years and it ithas made my quality of life wonderful.I am bi polar so this is a record for me to stay on meds that long.
If you dont feel better in about 6 weeks ,talk to your doc.I was on lots of meds before  I found the right combo. so dont give up and hang in there let me know how you are doing.Come to the forum if you need to talk.I will listen.
Are you going to therapy as well?I still go to therapy and between my meds and the therapy I have a normal life now.I still have emotions ,just not with the extremes I used to have when I was bi polar
Keep in touch
Love Venora
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Lexapro was the first medicine i tryed when i found out about my depression. It did really work for the first two weeks and like you said, it made me feel worse! But it helped alot when it finally began working. After a month of taking it, i felt like t wasnt helping me anymore so now im on Prozac and it is working very very well. So if your pills dont seem to be helping you, i think you should ask about Prozac.
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I just wanted to share that I take abilify 3 mg for help with depression along with Lexapro.  I feel like a new person.  I have energy, I am optimistic and I feel better than I ever have.  It is worth trying.  I was put on it after bouts of depression that landed me in the hospital with an overdose.  I am also an alcoholic, and since trying abilify I have no desire whatsover to drink, which is truly amazing.  I just feel so good, the thought of drinking does not even come to mind. I hear that many people are tired taking the drug, for me it does the opposite.  As far as cost goes, I have signed up for patient assistance, which I already get with Lexapro.  My meds are free through the drug company for Lexapro.  There are these resources from the drug companies for people who cannot afford these needed meds.  

I am much more frightened not to take the abilify, and the dreaded depression returning. It is worth trying it may change your life for the better.

Take care
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Also, I began to feel the effects from Abilify right away....
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I am on Lexapro for 10 month, now i am only taking 1 mlg. because i want to finish it. I dont want to depend on something for the rest of my life.
The first 2 days when i started taking lexapro i was dizzy, and i had nausea, and i felt like ****, then it was ok, and after 3-4 weeks I started feeling better.
It helped me, a lot, but now i just want to see how I am gonna live without medication...
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Well I am talking lexapro  for a year and. Now Dr kuda wanted me to take of lexapro and try Abilify. She think I have bipolar because of my mood swing. My mood swing is depresed, crushed, unfocused. can't talk clear, racing thoughts,laughing for no reason. Not geting the words in my head.Spaced out. So she want me to take Abilify and see what happend with my mood swing. I never heard someone had to take lexapro and Abilify at the same time. Well I don't know what to say. It depends on what situation you have in your Emontional. I was abuse since I was a childhood so. Yes I have pstd.I am just letting you know that you not the only person out there has the problem. Abilify is for Bipolar and Lexapro is for Depression. That I can tell becaues my uncle tom explain it to me clearly. He works at the hospital. That how he know most of the medication and what's for and what's use for.
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I have been on abilify for 18 months and it is a wonder drug for me, for without I wouldn't be able to cope. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia but my quality of life is excellent as I respond to the medication well. It takes roughly 6 weeks to truely kick in properly and I don't have any side affects. I also don't have any problems in my sex life either unlike some other medications which could pose a problem in this area. My recommendation is always follow the doctors orders for they are specialists in the field and know what is best for you. Goodluck and I hope you get better. I am on 20 mg abilify and it works well so 3 mg isn't much in comparison.

Goodluck with it all and hope you get better.
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lexapro and abilify worked pretty well for me, ive noticed that abilify makes me eat(the higher the dose i take, the more i seem to stuff my face) but it does wonders for my mood, i switched off of these two meds now and am taking prozac and wellbutrin, this is because i gained about 20 pouns on these meds in 3-4 months, and i have not changed my diet or anything like that, so just watch out for your weight and other then that they worked well good luck
I am taking Lexapro 20 mg and Abilify 5 mg and notice that I gained 18 lbs the first three months on it and I am tired all the time.  I don't know which med is making me so sleepy but I am miserable tired.
This post is very very old.  If you want input, make a new post.  What I would ask is, were you put on both drugs at the same time?  Because if you were on Lexapro and weren't gaining weight and were then put on abilify as well because the Lexapro wasn't doing the job completely, then it's obviously the abilify.  But if you were put on two drugs at the same time, there's absolutely no way to know what's doing what.  It's why it's seldom a good idea to do this, but doctors keep doing it.
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I have been taking 20mg of Lexapro for 4 years now and I have noticed that it is not working as well as it use to when I first started taking Lexapro for my anxiety and depression.  So my doctor decided to add 2mg of Abilify with my Lexapro to see if it helps even out and fill in the space where Lexapro hasnt been working.  I wanted to see what everyone else's input is on taking the two medications together.

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A few years ago my Dr. added a few mgs. of abilify to my lexapro and although I was helped somewhat by the lexapro adding the abilify made all the difference in the world for the first time I felt happy and just plain great after taking all these different meds. for so many years! It was wonderful living life to the fullest for 3 months and then the bottom fell out and I was worse than before and never able to establish that feeling again. The main side-effect that I remember was trouble with orgasm but it didn't even matter because I felt so good for the first time in my life. Now it's back to trial and error... good luck!
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Lexapro DEFINITLY made both my anxiety and depression waaayy worse in the beginning...that should go away in a week or 2.  However if it doesnt, then maybe it isnt the drug for you.  I had to switch becuase it wasnt working for me.  and dont be afraid to take the abilify! the doctor prescribed it for a reason, and wouldnt if he/she didnt think it would benefit you.
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I'm on lexapro and abilify lexpro in the morning and abilify in the night and I have mood swings and bipolar and now 4 weeks later its done wonders
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Just started taking Abilify . Have been using Lexapro for years but I have not really experienced being happy for quite some time . Abilify appears to bring theat emotion into play.
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I am currently on Lexapro, 20mg.  It was prescribed for my anxiety and does a better job than anything else I have found.  (I've tried Paxil and Effexor)  Sometimes I do find myself depressed, but I'm hoping that's just circumstantial (my life is stressful!).  Anyway, I wanted to comment on the sexual question.  This is the ONLY drug that does not effect my ability to orgasm.  Good luck with it.
P.S.  Would love to hear how the combination of the two meds are doing.  I am considering taking abilify as well.
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I been taking Lexapro 20mg for almost a year. I dont see the result but my girlfriend could. I stop taking lexapro for a week and I was AGRESIVE VERY AGRESIVE. I took it again and I think I'm more calm. I have depresion, anxiety and my mood change in seconds. I'm dont found happines, nothing feel me. My doctor yesterday gave me Abilify 2mg. He said is to see if I feel happy or things make sence to me. I'm so tire, nothing make me happy. I have 3 kids and I'm a single mom. I just want to found happines and enjoy things the now is dont mean nothing for me.
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I just joined so I hope this post does not hit twice.  I have been on Lexapro for over 5 years.  Not consistently.  My depression and anxiety have been off the chart for some time.  I finally threw in the towel because I was so tired of running for the medicine cabinet as soon as my eyes opened in the morning.  The day was even worse.  My Doctor just added Abilify 5mg to my Lexapro 20mg.  It is a miracle for me.  I am focused and actually live instead of just exist.  We all deserve to enjoy each day without being overwhelmed or feel like the world is caving in.  This combo has worked for me.  I know we are all different.  If I can give someone some hope I will feel better because I have been where you have been and back.  Thanks for the post.  
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just reqd your post, and i am consulting with my doc about adding abilify to my regimen of 20mg. of lexapro for my GAD.  Your comments sound very similar to how I feel.  I hope I can afford the drug to at least try and then get the results you are experiencing. Continued blessings your way.
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My daughter has been on Lexapro and a medical specialist has proposed adding abilify.  I am a little nervous about adding another med.  Glad to see many art happy with it.  Can you tell me if you've seen weight gain with abilify?
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Hello Basha, just wanted to say since Lexapro is an SSRI, it’s conpletely normal to feel worse before feeling much better. Just try to hang in there. I am on Lexapro as well as Wellbutrin. Took me almost a whole year to get off Xanax, and actually retreat to feelings of a normal human being again. I wish you didn’t have to keep raising Xanax to feel the same calming effect. It helped my anxiety tremendously. Lexapro has been good for about two years.. helps my anxiety but kind of makes my depression worse. I’m not sure if I should tell my doctor because I don’t want to sound like I’m looking for a controlled substance.. trying to figure out what to do. Anyway, it’s completely normal to feel worse before feeling better on this SSRI. Best of luck! - Will say a prayer you start to feel better -Brooke
Just realized your post was over ten years ago lol... you must know way more about Lexapro than me!  Sorry didn’t realize most of these posts are super old.
That's okay --  Lots of people read these posts and your extra information is really helpful!  thanks for posting.
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