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Need help with electric bill

I didnt know where to ask this - if you know, tell me and I'll repost there.

I lost my job due to mental/health problems and now we can't pay the electric bill. We have 5 days left to pay it and I am looking for a charity or anything in Dallas, TX to help us this one time.

Anyoen know where I can turn?
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you might try the dept of human rescources in Dallas  luck   jo
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First of all if you won't be able to work again apply for Social Security, now not later so you can get covered. Secondly apply for Medicaid if you don't have health insurance. In New York state a variety of eligibility factors, including benefits eligibility makes one eligible for a Con Edison program called HEAP that helps with some of the energy bill. I'm not sure of what programs are in Texas. However, you should speak to your local independent living center. They can help you find out what is out there and apply for it. Here's a link to the ones in Texas:
517902 tn?1314715429
Can I not edit or delete my posts? I got an extension on my electric!
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