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Negative Effects of Therapy Sessions...advice please

I started psychotherapy about six months ago.The psychologist is very good, experienced and capable. If anything, she may be "too good" as I am finding a pattern has evolved. The hours and day/s after a difficult session can leave me physically and emotionally wiped out. Currently, the sessions are all seeming to be quite "difficult/emotional" and I then struggle to function for a day or so. I've even started to wonder if I'd be better off without it. I was warned things might get worse at first but can this be normal after six months of weekly sessions?
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It can happen like that, I would always feel a bit rough after a session, but I also took as something I need to work on after leaving that app't.  Therapy isn't a picnic, but if you came out feeling nothing, that would be more worrisome.
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yes  i do agree it can be so draining but on the other hand have you said this to your
psychologist ?if she knows its getting to much for you she will back of a bit ,..
has she asked you how you feel after the sessions ,........
im sure if you tell her what you have told us she will come up with some thing for you to help with that ,......good luck ,...
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Hi Dippy,

That's 26 sessions, right? Near enough? I assume an hour each?

I wonder what on earth you could be talking about each week for so long for so many close together sessions.

It sounds far too intense to me and I have to say that yes, the early sessions are more than likely to leave you feeling drained, exhausted and so on. But after a number of those, no specific number, that should abate as you should have become comfortable with the topic(s) being discussed.

Unless you have a different topic each week or each month I don't believe this is helping you much at all. I hate to say it but some counsellors try to make a career out of us, keeping us treading water.

You should be moving forward, feeling relief after sessions at least by now and being comfortable and confident in discussing the issues with that counsellor.

You have the same feeling yourself I see so I'd put it to the counsellor that you feel like you've stopped going anywhwere and need progress or end the sessions.
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IT has been proven that 'ruminating' and going over stuff like that may not always be beneficial to someone who is depressed,.

Google 'human givens' which is a new form of psychotherapy that is completely against this 'long talk' therapy aproach with regard to treating depression.

If you feel that your therapy is making you worse, then there is a strong possibility that it is.  MAybe try giving it a break for one month and see if you do better.

Therapy did absolutely nothing for me at all, I tried two supposedly good therapists + it may be better to spend your money on something positive that helps you to feel happy.  To me that is obvious but no one ever says it.  80 Euros on a Guitar lesson for example might be money better spent!
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thanks for your comments. I value each and every piece of advice. My question was written in the deep angst of a post-therapy downer and I may have got things slightly out of proportion. It's not quite 26 sessions but probably close to twenty, and yes I knew it would be no picnic, but I am only now learning about feelings and things I have supressed for four decades so I can't expect it all to sit comfortably immediately. It is a sound suggestion to speak to my therapist and of course I will,  I also see my p.doc next week and will ask for his oppinion.
On balance I don't feel stuck and each session recently has been productive (hence hard work and a bit exhausting) but I am aware that I am benefitting from it. It may be wise to ask her to ease off for a while or to arrange a break every so often...it was a joint decision to work hard at things initially.

Thanks again, does anyone have advice about preparing mentally for sessions and about "debriefing" oneself after them?
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