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No More Anxiety Since On Effexor XL

I started on 75mg of  the generic form of Effexor in November last year called ViePax, which is not available in USA.  (I live in England).  When I saw a different doctor he put me on 150mg of Effexor XL, which again only available in UK.  That was three weeks ago, and since then my anxiety and panic attacks have gone.  It must be a result of the medication.

I was on the same drug for two years, but stopped taking it for a year.  That was a silly thing to do, as I was doing so well.  Just shows just because you think you are better, it is often the medication that is keeping you stable.

I am so pleased to be feeling well again, I will never stop this medication again.  It really suits me, apart from weight gain.  Not long again I posted that I thought I would explode with anxiety, and now it has gone.  Have other people felt this benefit?  I know Effexor XR is available in USA but not XL.  Is there a difference do you think?

I do not want to take the generic again as I am doing so well now.
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Hello there,

There is no major difference between Effexor, Efexor, Trevilor, Alventa. The chemical in it is Valafaxine in all the pills.

The difference between XL and non-XL is that XL means extended release. It delivers the chemical in your body more slowly so you get the same benefits without maybe having some unwanted side effects. The result of a lower peak plasma concentration. There is no difference between XL and XR they both mean extended release.

Just like you i use a SNRI and it's duloxetine (Cymbalta). Depression and anxiety gone but i decided to go for this AD because it's an analgesic too that is making my occipital neuralgia less painful since it really help for neuropathic pains. One thing is sure tho is as soon as i have no problem with my occipital neuralgia i will slowly quit the med as i know i can have depression under control as i made a lot of changes in my life since i heard my mom was going to die soon from a stage 4 lung cancer with metastases pretty much everywhere. Now i live with her, eat very well, physical exercise and i know what was causing me to be depressed and anxious. The anxiety was health anxiety related to my neuralgia and my mom's illness and also depression but now i know I'm healthy and physical therapy is doing wonderful thing for my neuralgia.

Anyway some people want to stay all their life on a medication some people don't. I guess you have to be ready to quit and address the depression and anxiety (they are cross-linked) to the root before you quit.

Best regards,

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Anyway some people want to stay all their life on a medication some people don't.

I wouldn't really put it like that, i don't think anyone 'wants' to stay on medication there whole life.  It is not a want or a choice, it is an unavoidable necessity.
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Yeah sorry i should have said ''need''. But it's a matter of choice anyway no matter how you put it. The necessity is a choice. There are many alternatives. The traditional treatment with an AD is 6 months combined with psychotherapy. Everyone is different but I do think it's a matter of choice to stay on a drug or not your whole life. As i explained many times there are many other ways to get more serotonin. But yeah I agree with you that some people feel they need to stay their whole life on the medication and the withdrawals can be terrible.

Best regards,
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It is not just the withdrawals that make people stay on the meds, it is the illness.

Many people have been depressed since childhood and no amount of alternative or supplements will help them.  It can be life threatening.

When i was severely depressed without meds , i lost 2 stone weight in a couple of weeks and could not hold down water, i could not stop heaving, shaking etc. I stayed awake for most of that month, It is different for everyone.
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You are right.  I have been on and off anti-depressants for over 20yrs.  I stop when I am feeling better only for it to return again.  I now accept it is the medication that keeps me well.  I have learned, in my case, that I need it.  The more times you have depression, the more likely it is to come back.  I envy people who only have one bout and then are well.

If people find other ways to defeat depression, I admire them.  We are all different.  I know now I will need medication for the rest of my life, just to feel "normal."  Anti-depressants have stopped me killing myself.
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