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No hope

I feel horrible I know I'm depressed an I know it's a horrible feeling to know or feel like you can't be happy I can't take much more of it I need help please I'm begging how can I feel better?
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Don't lose hope. Have u seen your Dr? That's step one. Try writing it all out on here a notebook wherever. Walk listen to.music. I always feel better when I clean. It means I'm doing something productive and not waiting on that door to open but moving forward
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There is always hope. I have been through the same and some days I really don't feel like I can keep going. What I do to improve my mood is writing, listening to music, chatting with people online who are supportive, and make sure to get some physical activity in every day bc it releases endorphins
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I have been in the dark depths, as so many of us have who suffer from depression.  The only thing I can recommend to life you is to taker anti-depressants.  If I did not take my medication I don't think I would be here now.

Seek help for yourself.  That in itself will make you feel more worthwhile.  Talk to family or friends, or a professional how you feel.

We can support you here, but cannot be there with you.  I have had depression for many, many years, and I pick myself up each time I get low.  At the moment I am doing really well on anti-depressants.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.Can you explain what you have done so far.  Have you had therapy, are you on medication?

Take care please, we all know how you feel.
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